Dev: Xbox's Indie Game Policy is like “Having to Find a Pimp to Hook on the Street”

Skander Djerbi from I-Friqiya rips apart Microsoft’s claims of “promoting the indie scene”.

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gameseveryday2016d ago

Note: I had to modify the original title a bit since it was not fitting on n4g.

Dlacy13g2016d ago

Shocking..another interview from you that intentionally targets MS. Your Just Cause interview was a joke of a read as you tried at every question to get them to talk negatively about X1.

On topic I do agree however that MS's indie policy as it stands is horrible. The indie channel also is just a mess... as bad if not worse than iOS/androind in that its filled with garbage that is difficult to sort through.

DatNJDom812015d ago


He asked legitimate questions. Stop crying over your beloved m$ and their douchbag ways. They deserve every bit of criticism they get. I'm surprised it took the "gaming media" this long to realize. Well at least some of them. We still have sessler, machinima, gamespot, etc apologizing and trying to give it a positive spin. Dlacy13g and the rest of his cronies are part of the problem and part of the reason why m$ will get away with all the crap they are going to do next gen. You and your kind will help in the decline of the game industry.

Dlacy13g2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

@DatNJDom81 his interview was an attempt to get the Just Cause CTO to answer his pointed questions in a way that clearly he wasn't going to do.

As for me being part of the problem. Get off your high horse. I am far more open minded than you think. My future purchase is hardly settled, I will go where I ultimately find the games I want to play reside. That at this point very well could be PC instead of either box. And I will use Steam... a system that also has no used games and while it allows for offline play it too has its limitations. MS's system on its surface has some big short did Steam when it first came out. I (unlike you apparently) am hopeful that MS will correct certain aspects of their online plan including understanding that sales like Steam are going to be a very necessary part of their future beyond just having some good exclusives if they are going to attract a consumer base of gamers.

cleft52016d ago

The title is really fitting because that is exactly what it is like. Such a backwards view at Microsoft.

Jamaicangmr2016d ago

How could they be this nonchalant about this? Their structures are all wrong yet they continue them and even boastfully so sometimes.

SpinalRemains2016d ago

Waiting for Justastranger to post.
"Xbox One will have many super exclusive titles for my friends and I and we are greatly anticipating all the innovations that a great company like MS has to offer."

CEOSteveBallmer2016d ago ShowReplies(4)
SniperControl2016d ago

Kinda find it strange that Justastranger10's account was founded just yesterday?? Hmmmmm..............

nix2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

... sorry. got replied on the wrong post.

Enemy2016d ago

We keep seeing this. The majority of indie developers have spoken against Microsoft's ridiculous policies. Jonathan Blow, I remember, was one of the first to really call them out on their BS claims about Xbox One being different. Some doubted for some reason, but now we're seeing more and more indie developers do the same. Nothing's changed.

Lukewarm Media, developing Primal Carnage: Genesis for PS4/PC (sure to be nothing short of incredible, btw) spoke briefly about it as well.

Everyone's gonna be developing on PS4 and Microsoft's gonna be left with nothing but missed opportunities and enemies.

Belking2016d ago

"Everyone's gonna be developing on PS4 and Microsoft's gonna be left with nothing but missed opportunities and enemies."

You're in a deep sleep, stop dreaming. XB1 will have plenty of indie support, as well as 3rd and 1st party.

RiPPn2016d ago

It's going to be tough to lure developers if you don't have a great installed base. Microsoft fans choosing to ignore the extreme negatives of the console are only going to take it so far.

SniperControl2016d ago

Let Sony nuture those indie devs, because one day they will turn into the likes of Naughty Dog, Bungie and Guerrilla Games.