Five changes that need to be made in GTA V

Vyralize: With Grand Theft Auto V just a few months from release, this author looked ahead and thought I might give my opinion on what I hope Rockstar will fix with the latest GTA installment.

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Raccoon1690d ago

No we don't, he can stay in the past....

mcroddi1690d ago

cousin....okay. Wishful thinking.

SIRHC131690d ago

Technically he is back, in the form of a playable multiplayer character.

theDECAY1690d ago

Boring article. This article is more about GTAIV...

porkChop1690d ago

Well yeah, it's talking about all the things GTA IV got wrong that the author wants fixed/changed in GTA V. When you're talking about anything you want improved in a sequel, you obviously have to talk about previous games in the series.

Speed-Racer1690d ago

Hmm maybe theDECAY has a copy of GTA 5 and we don't know :O

theDECAY1690d ago

The title of the article says, "Five changes that need to be made in GTA V."
It assumes all the same "issues" are in GTAV. That is also assuming you believe that they are negative things.

PerryCaravello1690d ago

I hope this game has a lot of trophies to obtain. I think it's safe to say that GTA5 is a must buy even if you don't play games.

T21690d ago

just a more efficient travel system in terms of mechanics for the game... taxi was a good step but I think some sort of instant travel, although taking away a bit from the realism... if you want bigger maps its ok with me, but I don't want to get stranded on a mountain with a pedal bike like in gta san andreas, which aside from that one fact was the best game in the series. maybe a speed-dial taxi service, and a heli-taxi service would be ok...

koh1690d ago

Well having 3 characters you can instantly change between will help that a lot

titletownrelo1690d ago

And throughout the story, "Batman" randomly appears in his batmobile disrupting chase scenes and maybe running over a bad guy who had you cornered.

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