Everything You Need to Know About Killzone: Shadow Fall

Find out everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated Killzone: Shadow Fall, including what is known about the game's plot so far, as well as showcasing all of its latest assets. Do you think Guerilla Games will deliver yet another solid experience?

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MasterofMagnetism1872d ago

I only thing I know is that I want to play it.

angelsx1872d ago

I just wanna know how many fps will be on Playstation4

rezzah1872d ago

You won't know until no more games are made for the PS4.

angelsx1872d ago

I mean frames per second.FPS 30 or 60

Conzul1872d ago

wonder why 45 is never a consideration.

VaporCell1872d ago

@Conzul You can't go with 45 fps lock in since it don't matches your TVs refresh rate :)

asmith23061872d ago

I'm just hoping the story and characters are up to it. Killzone's characters in particular have always been weak. Everything else is top notch though and really looking forward to this!

Pintheshadows1872d ago

I think the main ISA/VSA characters have been but the Helghast have had some wonderful antagonists. Radec in particular and the first game was strong on the character front. Sev and Rico were always a bit one note. I still love the series though. I think with the new setting they will strive to improve it.

Neoprime1872d ago

Not in the first or Liberation game.

sway_z1872d ago

I'm looking forward to the build they show at E3...I know that build @PS Meeting was at least 6 months old when initially shown, so GG have had over 1 year to make improvements to the 3GB live demo shown in feb.

It looked amazing then, and it'll look incredible now :)


BABY-JEDI1872d ago

That's an interesting point! GG usually up the ante through development. Here's hoping.
; )

MizTv1872d ago

Me want now!!!!!!
And more like kz2 and less like kz4 please

stuntman_mike1872d ago

I think the game looks excellent i cant wait to play it. Gimme Naooow!

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