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Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo are back and ready to kick some ass in their new, grown-up video game. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, is a third-person brawler, taking the famous four to a more adult audience. Stepping back from the cartoony graphics that we have perhaps become used to with TMNT, we are presented with a darker, more sinister, and realistic 3D environment, one that tastes similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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Jek_Porkins1867d ago

This game has my interests for sure.

Knight_Crawler1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Me too but for some reason the turtles look creepy and look too skinny and human like...I still cannot get use to the new look so unless the way the look changes I will not be picking this up.

I know it seems harsh but little thing like that bother like having a Mario game without his mustache.

See attached images of old turtles and new turtles.

DeadlyFire1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I believe the mixed the look with the new Nicktoons Turtles show's look. Could still be better than expected, but I will only rent or pick up for $20 bucks. Unless someone can convince me its worth $60. It is rare for that to happen. << Check out the link to see what I mean.

FamilyGuy1866d ago

It's meant to pay homage to the original comic version of teenage mutant ninja turtles, not the kid friendly/focused movies and cartoons. It looks great, they're supposed to look more realistic/human-like.

I'm definitely interested in this title but I'll have to see some in-depth trailers before I make my final decision on buying it.

TwistedMetal1867d ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the closet

vork771867d ago

i miss the cartoon style turtles

FamilyGuy1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I like the new (almost original) style.
They kept the colored bandanas for you guys at least.