FarCry 2's Multiplayer : Advanced Map Editor & 16 Player DM

Nidzumi Writes : We got a chance to talk to a few of the developers who are working on FarCry 2 at the recent Live event and after getting a walk through of a level in the single player campaign we had a few questions about the games multi player.

Expect full support for 16 players across all versions including Xbox 360, PC & Playstation 3. You can then engage in your basic multiplayer match types such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture The Flag etc…

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Dr Pepper3922d ago

Personally, I thought making maps on FarCry was one of the best parts. Can't wait to try it with FarCry 2 (and I'm sooooo glad it's not going the Halo 3 Forge route, which I find to be somewhat dull).

kevlar3922d ago

I don't think the guy that wrote this story realised there was a full map editor in the last game. Halo3 got an enormous amount of press for forge but its not a patch on the map editor in far cry instincts. Sure you could invent game types which is great but map wise all you could do was move the crates around.

Blogizzle3922d ago

I did know, the main news here is that the same map editor will be consoles. An actual fully realized map editor on the console with map sharing.

EvilJoey3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

The Map editor is reason enough to buy this game...
The BEST part about the last far cry was the editor.
And although the editor Was limited... u had to choose an item set instead of picking anything.
but the Hand Glider made it worth it!

The reason it didnt get the press about it is because No one would join ur edited game.. and if they did... it was like one person.
Mean while i spend 2 days making my map Perfect....
and just want some feed back... yet no one joins.... So then i join others maps.. and End up on some peace of crap map some one make in 5 Min...

The forge was Kinda Cool.. But only could play with friends list people...

So if this is a Full editor... ill be inlove... Some people like the creation part.... Its the entire reason Spore will sell so many copies... Half will play these kind of games.. half will make things and share them with others.

perseus3922d ago

If the graphics and gameplay are okay, I'll buy this just for the editor. This is exactly what I've been waiting for in console FPSs, and I hope more developers do the same thing.

Then I will officially stop b*tching about them charging for mappacks.

tony3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

us gamers, i had a chance to try the map editor on the first far cry, and play in some created by other users and it was fantastic.

this game is in my top 5 list most anticipated games this year.

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