Aliens: Colonial Marines - PC Version Gets New Update, Offering Various Visual Improvements

DSOGaming writes: "Despite the controversy surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox has released a new update for the PC version of it."

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wallis1927d ago

Between this and Duke Nukem Forever Gearbox just seem determined to polish various turds in an effort to convince us we're eating gourmet chocolate. Unless one of the footnotes in the patch reads "tweaked engine by replacing it with something out of this decade" or "the AI's missing chromosome has been identified and replaced" then I can't imagine how they possibly expect this piece of fucking sputum to be passable as anything other than a joke.

Congratulations Gearbox you managed to fuck up the goodwill you'd spent decades earning with Brothers in Arms. I look forward to laughing as you struggle to realize why your more recent trend of NOT ACTUALLY MAKING YOUR OWN FUCKING GAMES is having an impact on sales.

Sy_Wolf1927d ago

Don't forget about fluid animations and the gameplay that they promised in the trailers.

Somebody1926d ago

The Homeworld franchise was acquired by Gearbox during the THQ auction.


john21927d ago

well, at least their putting some effort to it

Zcarnut1927d ago

Its like reading
"Pontiac Aztek..Now available in a new green color with slightly less plastic body cladding".

My apologies in advance if you do in fact own a Pontiac Aztek.

Despair6661927d ago

A turd coated in gold is still a turd

BitByter1927d ago

Gearbox, it's way too late to be trying to fix this broken mess of a game.

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