Karateka not coming to the Wii U

A few months ago, a Wii U listing of the Karateka remake popped up on the ESRB. The game’s launch came and passed… yet there was no news about it heading to the eShop.

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Nevers0ft1857d ago

For anybody who hasn't played the game... This is a blessing. Not a "Aliens: Colonial Marines" blessing but a blessing nonetheless. As much as I like to see the Wii U library grow this game was a mess.

StrawHatPatriot1857d ago

Gee, what a surprise.

Not that the game was that great though, like Nevers0ft said.

Ingram1857d ago

this game was horrible

NerfHerder1857d ago

Never heard of it, don't care.

RFornillos41857d ago

have this for PC, and it was bleh...

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