Sony Applies 70+ Metacritic Rate For PS Plus But Includes Malicious Anyway

GG3 reports on some interesting deals for European Playstation Plus subscribers. A total of 5 games, including Hitman Absolution, will be accessible for free in May. In the same release, Sony claims to pick their games from the top tier of 70+ Metacritic acclaim, yet the free title Malicious is not a 70+ game on that site.

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Agent Smith1887d ago

Just started playing it today. It's pretty fun.

Xaphy1887d ago

is it available for vita too?

N4GCB1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Only in Japan currently, and it has two more bosses/stages I believe.

It is said to come here sometime.

profgerbik1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

They officially tweeted a while ago that they will release Malicious Rebirth over seas for the Vita.


fabod861887d ago

It's 67... wow that 3 points will ruin my life. /s

Knushwood Butt1887d ago

Yeah, and most of the low scores are probably from lightweights that aren't up to the challenge.

b_one1887d ago

Game joooooournalism, WELCOME!

GribbleGrunger1887d ago

Oh my dear lord. There's pathetic and then there's PATHETIC but this here is beyond any of those two.

nukeitall1887d ago


Since it is Sony it is ok to do false marketing?


Kingthrash3601887d ago

everyone does a little false marketing.....but this is just nit picking. while true its still little compared to the other false marketing sony, nintendo, ms, ect has committed.

Blastoise1887d ago

Lord of the rings war in the north was on 60 something and they put it on. Glad they did to be honest, I enjoyed it

coolbeans1887d ago

And just like that, you displayed better "gaming journalism" than this site.

LostDjinn1887d ago

Out on a stroll through the trenches beans?
This is a rare sight. Anyway, as you were.

OT: Just when you think "Gaming journalism" can't get any more ridiculous another turd comes floating to the surface. Nice detective work. With so many turd sites they can be hard to tell apart.

coolbeans1887d ago

Surprisingly, I've been posting on main page quite often this month (for me, at least).

Someone has to dwindle your chances at winning the comment lotto. [0_0]~

Fishy Fingers1887d ago

Desperate for content today are we. You certainly wouldn't catch me playing a free game with a measly 67/100, 70 on the other hand. Sign me up!!

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The story is too old to be commented.