Call of Duty rules on PS3

Call of Duty 4 is now officially the biggest game on PlayStation 3, according to the latest Chart Track information – and Activision plans to celebrate with a high profile consumer event and new downloadable content.

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mighty_douche3726d ago

"The new downloadable multiplayer maps will be available on both Xbox 360 and PS3 early next month"...

Fantastic news, i was hoping they'd coming sooner rather than later, look's like COD4 is gonna be keeping me busy for sometime to come : )

perseus3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I'm still wondering how much they will cost.

I'd be totally willing to pay if they added some extra functionality on top of the maps - like single-player co-op, or an extra mission or two - but I won't pay for something that takes a 12 year old kid 8 hours to make for the PC version.

I'm willing to pay for content, but not silly content.

EDIT: This story is what I'm talking about!

That's what I want to see for COD4.

Ghoul3726d ago

there is allways the problem :

what to do with the people not buying the maps ??
kick them from the game ?
2 seperate mapcycles ?

they would be advised to hand them out free

perseus3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

It would be nice if we got them for free, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I would pay for co-op, though.

EDIT: And jets and helicopters.

Bah, who am I kidding? I want BF2 for PS3.

Ghoul3726d ago


i would pay for coop anyday :D
and a heartbeat sensor, heatgoogles and a tank :)

Shankle3726d ago

You ain't gonna get co-op for COD4. They said the experience was too individual, like in the interactive cutscenes in first person view. Think of the number of cinematic set pieces in COD4 and ask yourself whether they would work alongside co-op.

perseus3726d ago

Co-op maps, not co-op single player. I'm not interested in playing with my friends at my house, I want to play the multi-player maps against bots.

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Sayai jin3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

COD4 is a superb game, it is interesting to see a multi plat be the largest seller on the PS3. Especially since games like Uncharted are o the PS3. I would rank Uncharted really high. It is the best game I own on my PS3. I want to see Sony exclusives have higher numbers to insure more great hits keep coming.

masterg3726d ago

Luckily MotorStorm and Resistance aren't far behind.

And MotorStorm 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and little big planet (plus 10 other games coming out in 08) will be even bigger sellers.

My pick for best selling PS3 games this year is however Metal Gear Solid and GTA4.

Sayai jin3726d ago

Couldn't agree more, bubs for you.

SL1M DADDY3726d ago

I love this game and it has become my addiction for the past couple months now. I am looking forward to the new maps.

iAmPS33726d ago

With less Lag, better servers and more adult/mature players online COD4 on the PS3 is the ONLY choice.

Ops, NO, I take that back. Those 12 year old Xbox Live Rabid Droids can stay where they are, we don't want your filthy race on PSN.

The CrapBox 3FixMe has 3 good uses:

1 - Keep the rabids 12 year old out of PSN;
2 - Fry eggs;
3 - Warm up your house on winter;

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!!

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