Tearaway’s secret message & gameplay explained – Media Molecule talk about its Vita adventure OPM

OPM “I’m not allowed to talk about the secrets of the message,” says Media Molecule’s James Spafford. Immediately making the thing a million times more exciting. He will explain the idea behind Tearaway’s hidden surprise though: “Basically Iota [the hero] is a little papery messenger from another dimension. At the beginning of the game this letter will be delivered but it won’t be able to reach you and this little messenger, Iota, is your new friend”.

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sherimae24131877d ago

oh iota, i love you now ^_^

Sanquine901877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Oowh this is just a reason to buy a vita:D

( Already have 2 people)

drsnoopyseussdog1877d ago

This game looks B E A utiful:)

profgerbik1877d ago

Anyone heard anything about any pre-order bonus?