Why You Should Play: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

A look back at the PS1/Dreamcast classic Soul Reaver and the Legacy of Kain series as a whole and how it holds up to day

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CalvinKlein1718d ago

I have this on the dreamcast, it is awesome

ironfist921717d ago

I would be keen if there was a HD compilation

Ryatta1717d ago

I think an HD collection is unlikely.. though not impossible for the 2 Soul Reaver games and Defience.. even Blood Omen 2 could be easily HD updated but the blood omen would probably be the hard one to update.. I think it was all pre rendered sprites, not 3d.

But I'd definatly buy that collection!

nolifeking1717d ago

I did, when it came out and several time post. What are my options now?

Canary1717d ago

You should really consider playing "Soul Reaver 2," I think.

violents1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I played that game way back on ps1 I think. It was pretty awsome, it was always one that I wondered why it didnt get a reboot.

Well, if there were any follow ups to this I never heard of them anyway.

Fyflin1717d ago

Soul Reaver was wicked, I still remember that cool FMV intro too. My favourite part was when you shifted between two worlds, the whole world would bend and distort in front of you which was pretty impressive for the PS1!

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The story is too old to be commented.