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Activision's Impressive Tech Demo

Activision R&D Real-time Character Demo (Activision, Tech)

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PopRocks359  +   972d ago
Tracking's nice. Still got some uncanny valley going though. Let's hope we don't wind up seeing this for the next half decade.
GamersRulz  +   972d ago
isn't this the same character nVdia showed?
BitbyDeath  +   972d ago
All bald space marines look alike.

xPhearR3dx  +   972d ago
Except this is a crappier version of it, but yes. Same dialog and same emotions, not as good quality.
yewles1  +   972d ago
lol @ your disagree.

Rhythmattic  +   971d ago
Neither has nothing on this !

(BTW.. Im off to see them in May at the opera house.. Ye Hah)

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DaThreats  +   972d ago
Inside mouth needs work.
hakis86  +   971d ago
I know, bad teeth, and no tounge?
OTher than that HELL YEAH I want this graphics NOW
M4I0N3  +   971d ago
yeah I think lip syncing is an issue on this, but then again, most games have that same issue.

I really hope they fix that, can't take game characters seriously when playing a game because it doesn't feel as engaging.
LOL_WUT  +   972d ago
Good to see Activision putting in some effort. Still a long ways to go though... ;)
LondonMediaOS  +   971d ago
WOW! Umm I dig it..
kenoh   971d ago | Spam
Rhythmattic  +   971d ago
Holey Moley,
Its a young Telly Savalas as Kojak !!!

Where is his Chuppa chupp ???

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rezzah  +   971d ago
The mouth is terrible.

I bet activision saved a lot by just copying and pasting.
Vithar  +   971d ago
I agree about the mouth but looks impressive. God it's a good time to be a gamer :)

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