Activision's Impressive Tech Demo

Activision R&D Real-time Character Demo

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PopRocks3591494d ago

Tracking's nice. Still got some uncanny valley going though. Let's hope we don't wind up seeing this for the next half decade.

GamersRulz1494d ago

isn't this the same character nVdia showed?

xPhearR3dx1494d ago

Except this is a crappier version of it, but yes. Same dialog and same emotions, not as good quality.

Rhythmattic1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Neither has nothing on this !

(BTW.. Im off to see them in May at the opera house.. Ye Hah)

DaThreats1494d ago

Inside mouth needs work.

hakis861493d ago

I know, bad teeth, and no tounge?
OTher than that HELL YEAH I want this graphics NOW

M4I0N31493d ago

yeah I think lip syncing is an issue on this, but then again, most games have that same issue.

I really hope they fix that, can't take game characters seriously when playing a game because it doesn't feel as engaging.

LOL_WUT1494d ago

Good to see Activision putting in some effort. Still a long ways to go though... ;)

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