How Important Are Graphics in Games?

Ah, the age-old argument, a discussion that will likely never end as consoles and PCs get ever more powerful and capable of some truly stunning games; which is more important, quality in looks or quality in gameplay?

Will you bother to play a game that looks like it was designed in 1997? Do the retro graphics in games like Braid put you off or are you more interested in the engaging gameplay mechanics?

Here is what we think matters when it comes to gorgeous graphics vs quality gameplay.

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Naate1728d ago

Just to tag on to what I wrote in the piece, I feel that gameplay will always come first unless the graphics are broken and take away from the game.

Dated graphics don't bother me, but broken graphics always will.

gillri1728d ago

Shenmue is my favourite game of all time at the time the graphics were unrivalled on any system

I think grpahics added alot to its immersion and atmosphere

guitarded771728d ago

Graphics and even more so, art style can really make a game. Journey is a good example of amazing art style and atmosphere IMO.

miyamoto1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Video Games. The word itself means video first and then game play. Its not called " game video" for a reason.

Without video graphics technology video games would have not existed. How can you show a video game and its game play without video graphics technology first? Video graphics technologyis the reason why video games were possible in the first place. Its equally important as the game play so do not be ridiculous to think its less important than the game play itself.
Be it pixels. dot matrix, vectorgraphics, standard def or high definition or 4K Ultra HD video graphics plays an very essential important role in the progress and success of video games.

Now fanboys who use this misleading argument to defend their weak or powerful platform of choice are blind or in desperate denial to feed their brand loyalty.

Appreciate video graphics as they are. Video graphics technology has progressed and will continue to progress. Do not underrate its importance.

Stroke6661727d ago

so by your logic, the quality of the board comes first when playing a board game? Its called a video game because its a game played through video. its name order doesn't give more importance to the latter or the former. And as in every Game the most important factor is fun, I myself have never had fun looking at good graphics. I have however played fun games that had good graphics. graphics are not the alpha and omega of the industry or at least it shouldnt be. you can paint a poop really pretty but does it make that poop more fun? yes appreciate video graphics as they are 100% but do not underrate the importance of having fun playing the game. ever saw a horrible movie? ever saw one in Imax 3d?

NYC_Gamer1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I'll take both[gameplay&graphics] since developers have capable hardware

Naate1728d ago

Absolutely agree with you, if they can do both well, I'd prefer that every time. Case in point, Skyrim.

rasputiny1728d ago

Skyrim is a great example.

Stroke6661727d ago

I agree, if both are available I'd too take that everytime, but if skyrim didn't have good graphics would it have been any less fun? ever stop to wonder at the texture rendering of the dragons scales or were you too busy having a [email protected] blast tryin to kill it with your barehands. Skyrim... great example by the way

Godmars2901728d ago

Not as important as they've come to be, which is why they've become a problem.

AnyaShroud1728d ago

it's not as important only because they have stopped getting better on consoles since 2009/2010

ILive1728d ago

Can people please shut up about devs focusing on graphics more than gameplay. It as become a proverbial saying this gen. If a game has good graphics but awful gameplay, it is not because hey "focused" on the graphics. Its either the gameplay does not interest you, or the gameplay is just completely broken. I dont think devs go in thinking "lets make focus on the graphics and forget about gameplay since graphics are more important." Just because you dont like the gameplay does not mean others wont. So, please, lets just put that to rest.

There is no reason graphics and gameplay can' t come in hand. The tech is there, there are no excuses. Both are equally important because there are plenty proof that it is possible.

Skips1727d ago

"lets make focus on the graphics and forget about gameplay since graphics are more important."

= Crytek

Stroke6661727d ago

@sonic200... agree again

pr0t0typeknuckles1728d ago

ill say they are semi important,personally if a game is pure trash it better have good graphics so it can have 1 thing thats good about it(crysis),but personally i could care less,now if graphics help the experience then im all for it(prince of persia 08)

crazypenguin081728d ago

There is something remarkable when you play a beautiful game, it can really enhance the experience. But if the game plays like crap it doesn't matter how good it looks. Graphics should always take a back seat to gameplay. Plain and simple.

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The story is too old to be commented.