Killzone: Shadow Fall's Single Player Component Is Finished

Push Square: "Killzone: Shadow Fall’s single player campaign has been playable from start to finish for a “couple of months”, game director Steven ter Heide has revealed. Writing on Twitter earlier this morning, the Guerrilla Games employee stated that he was taking advantage of the quiet time in the office to play through the solo component of the PlayStation 4 exclusive."

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LarVanian1607d ago

Great to hear! I just really hope Guerilla have made the story at least 10+ hours long. Killzone 3 really let me down regarding story length.

Conzul1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

10 hours...
a.k.a. 40 presses of the Share button. Heheh.


Guess we'll have to "Share Responsibly" :-P

LarVanian1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I think it's inevitable people will spam the hell out of facebook with that share button lol.

@ caseh
If only Guerilla had known how popular a character Radec would have become, they would have thought twice about killing him!

HammadTheBeast1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I'm hoping they spend the rest of the time making multiplayer as badass as 2's was. 3 really killed it with Drones and camouflage everywhere, and OP weapons. Killzone 2 was the best.

And that mech was annoying as hell.

kupomogli1607d ago


Wait until you see the plot twist in Shadow Falls. Radec didn't die. That was really his clone!

Like a really bad movie series, which was actually good during the first two movies, based on a really good game series that has turned to crap lately. Clones are how people are bringing dead characters back to life lately.

morganfell1606d ago

Radec was great. He was the Darth Maul of Killzone. They definitely shouldn't have killed him so early.

However I would rather find out that Visari's daughter, the leader of Strike Force Alpha of the Emperor's Fist Legion had returned from the Southern Pole and more ruthless than her father she was setting about reuniting the Helghan Forces.

Then make a game where we play that character. Hell I would love any title where we get to be the Helghast. Not one of these whiny turncoat help the humans on Vekta (though I do like Hakha) but an honest to goodness, unforgiving and relentless Helghast trooper.

sinjonezp1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

This is good news. I hope this is the realization that the PS4 is quite easy to develop for and game designers can focus more on optimization time.I am with u that killzone 3 story was lacking, however the gameplay was very immersive. Additionally, Killzone IMO was an intense fun multiplayer...this is hoping they take this time make that experience incredible. PS4 = Day

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caseh1607d ago

I'm hoping they've got another Radec myself.

As I got towards the end of KZ3 i knew I wouldn't be facing off against a bad-ass like in KZ2, bit of an anti-climax really.

Reverent1607d ago

Seriously. In KZ3, all we really had to hope for as a final boss type of enemy was Stahl, granted, Stahl would have been amazing... if we actually got to fight him.

I do really hope he makes a return somehow. Malcolm McDowell is just amazing.

subtenko1606d ago


Stahl > Radec

seriously...Stahl is like the joker of the Killzone universe. Its so awesome!!!

fei-hung1607d ago

Also wasn't too fond of the vehicle sections. They didn't play as well as the tank and mech sections and I found it difficult to see playing the snow cutter section.

I'm hoping they bring back the better exploding barrels and canisters from KZ2, dynamic set pieces, destructible bits of environment, mech sections, stealth sections, better integrated stat tracking like with the KZ2 site, a climatic ending like in KZ2, a memorable villain or 2 and more MP madness :)

spunnups1607d ago

KZ3's campaign/story was subpar at best compared to KZ2, the multiplayer, however, was excellent and very addicting

MysticStrummer1607d ago

I enjoyed the campaign more than KZ2's, though they were about equal really. I just missed the heavier feel of the controls. Both fun games.

asbuwango1607d ago

IMO, the supply boxes has destroyed KZ3's campaign, it makes it not challenging at all. Elite difficulty is not memorable at all compared to KZ2's campaign.
As for the multiplayer, I won't care about it as long as they don't bring some form of mobile spawning points back

Eyeco1606d ago

Honestly I thought Killzone 3 was horrendous the campaign is essentially a 4 hour rail shooter with a horrible story,

The online was a unbalanced mess of a COD clone not to mention the whole package is lacking in content with no survival, horde modes, vehicles, forge map editors, only 6 maps.

For some strange reason the graphics are actually inferior to killzone 2 , in fact I recently went back to play KZ2 and the game has held up pretty well to my surprise its so much better than 3 infact its better than allot of the shooters on the market, the more and more I play KZ3 the more I dislike it.

How anyone can bash COD then go on to play KZ3 is beyond me.

Ashunderfire861606d ago

I enjoy the Killzone 3 campaign more than part 2, plus it had more variety in the levels. I like them both though. Can't wait for ShadowFall, Infamous Second Son, and hopefully the next Metal Gear game this year.

spunnups1606d ago

i should have been more specific, i was referring to the story moreso than anything else, i just didnt feel KZ3s was compelling enough to pay attention to it while i was playing or even care

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HammadTheBeast1606d ago

Kill zone has better graphics, and it's not been confirmed what BF4 will run at.

ufo8mycat1606d ago

There is no need for 60fps. It is extremely overrated (having played both 30fps and 60fps). It really makes no difference.

Unless you are playing on a 70" HDTV or larger, 1080p isnt really needed either

joab7771606d ago

I just hope its more like K2 in AI and difficulty. I loved the little battlea that infuriated me. I hated tje streamlined easy nature of K3. For mp, i hope it gets alot of advertising because it is really good. The dynamic mp from k3 needs to come back and be fleshed out. Also, while i loved k3 multi, k2 was brilliant. Hopefully there is a middle ground.

MYSTERIO3601606d ago

There's a couple of franchises i hope Sony release next gen.

-Silent bomber 2
-The getaway 3
-The agent
-The last guardian
-Legacy of Kain

And on top of all the recently announced franchises at the event, the PS4 launch will be a killer.

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ILive1607d ago

Yes! Hopefully the campaign is compelling and the multi player has 20 vs 20, which would be awesome.

Conzul1607d ago

With PS4's PC-like architecture, why shouldn't we get 64-player matches? There's no excuse anymore.

Minato-Namikaze1607d ago

Game design should come 1st, then player count make it fun whatever the player count may be. But the ps3 can do 128 vs 128 so i'm pretty sure ps4 will be ok on player count.

LackTrue4K1607d ago

@conzul, with its achitecture it can run 64 player matches?!?'
@minato-namikaze......128?!? I can believe it?!?

"Really I got to ask!!!! (My jaw dropped) can all that be Accomplished?!?!?"

I have a huge smile!!!!!!!!! And I had to ask!!! :D

MysticStrummer1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I hope MAG gets a sequel. After playing MAG it was hard to see any videogame battles as more than minor skirmishes, on console anyway. The smallest MAG matches were the 32 vs 32 Sabotage levels, then you had Acquisition with 64 vs 64 and Domination with 128 vs 128. There's nothing else like it on consoles.

@GuyManDude - MAG had 256 players in Domination mode.

GuyManDude1607d ago


MAG had 128 players on PS3. Player count ties into how much is "going on" in a multiplayer game. For instance, MAG wasn't much of a technical marvel, so a high player count was possible.

On the other hand, a game like Battlefield 3 had advanced lighting, shaders, particle effects, smoke effects, land, air, and sea vehicles and absolutely massive maps (vertically as well as horizontally). Because of this it only supported 24 players.

Killzone 3 had 16-24 player matches. While I'm almost certain that number could go up for Shadow Fall (technically speaking), it'll all depend on what number fits their maps. If their maps are the same size as KZ3, then 16-32 players would be plenty. Don't want to overcrowd the maps.

The_Infected1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Having a ton of players online isn't always the best IMO. Leave that to BF4.

Glad they're done with the single player that gives them alot of time for the multiplayer section of the game.

HammadTheBeast1607d ago

Resistance and MAG accomplished high number battles much better than Battlefield 3 did on PS3 to be honest.

BitbyDeath1607d ago

Should make a MAG sequal with 500 vs 500

_-EDMIX-_1606d ago

Some of you guys are really, really slow. Your looking at player count....d..did you actually take into account the actual engine? 128 on MAG's engine is not the same as 64 on BF3's FrostBite.

Its like saying "Planetside 2 has hundreds in battle, the that means BF4 can" You have to factor a lot of things. its not as simple as "128 vs 64". No doubt BF4 will have 64 players on the console versions, but take into account that it may mean the PC version will have like 128. But in realaitly, I see then both having the same player count, thats IF DICE has not been working on a dream design for PC's that had full destruction and 256 players etc. Now if they have.....consoles will not get the same thing.

BitbyDeath1606d ago

@Edmix, your post makes no sense.
For one MAG has 256 players, not 128.
And why do you want MAG to be a BF clone?
MAG can stand on it's own merits.

KwietStorm1606d ago

You don't just up the player count just because you can. That's a pretty good excuse right there. The maps would have to cater to that many players as well, and Killzone is not that kind of game.