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Submitted by Gamer-40 985d ago | rumor

VGLeaks documentation: Durango Hardware Overview: Always connected, kinect required, must install.

VGLeaks documentation New Xbox "Durango" console:

"Always on, always connected"
"Kinect is required to be plugged in"
"All games must be installed on HDD"
"System interactions that use the controller"
"Durango consoles will have a Blu-ray disc drive"
"x64 architecture and tools" (Tech, Xbox One)

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PirateThom  +   985d ago
Mandatory installs for all games.

If this is true, it's pretty funny.
vishant101  +   985d ago
i think in another rumor it was stated the game would let u install while playing it
yewles1  +   985d ago
That's in this article, it also states that games are installed only and can not be played from the disc.
Nafon  +   985d ago
Actually, it will be way better, provided the hard drive is at least 500 GB, and the install while playing feature works well. Otherwise, it will be a massive pain in the ass. The read/write speed of a hard drive is loads better than a DVD/Blu Ray Drive (which means faster loading times). Just look at the PC, almost no one buys physical copies of games anymore, and this will be very similar on the next xbox(if the disc isn't required to play, unlike the current system with the 360).

The required kinect BS is, however, the worst decision ever. Microsoft just needs to scrap the whole project. The only thing kinect owners use the kinect for is to annoy the piss out of everyone in the game with them with the echoing underwater-sounding POS mic built into it.

And what is "System interactions that use the controller"? What else would people use to interact with the system? waving their arms in the air like a dumbass? Or did i just completely miss something?
fermcr  +   985d ago
If things in this report are true, then it's going to be a grim future for Microsoft's Xbox division (unless they have something that's mind-blowing and get everyone interested) ... Sony will become the clear winner of next gen consoles even without a fight.

...but it's rumors... let's wait and see what Microsoft has to present before passing judgment.
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Anon1974  +   985d ago
I've never had any issue with installs, but it's funny considering how some would act like hd installs were the work of the devil. I certainly welcome not having to hunt around for a disk to play a game. It's a small convenience, but a convenience none the less.
THC CELL  +   985d ago
Not good I repeat not good
B-radical  +   985d ago
I find it funny every single rumour for xbox is bad yet for playstation 4 it was nothing but gold haha
Arai  +   985d ago
Always on, always connected.
Kinect is required to be plugged in.

Seems to confirm Edge's article on Durango some months back.
If they block used games as well then the decision is pretty much clear...if it isn't already about which system to go with.
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The_Infected  +   985d ago
Why is all the rumors bad about the next Xbox? Are these rumors from any real trusted source? Just starting to seem like the next Xbox is going downhill if true. I hope both consoles do very good but I will still wait and see what MS has in store because I highly doubt this is true it would be stupid to do what these rumors suggest they are going to do.
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BitbyDeath  +   985d ago
It all came from that SuperD0e (spelling?) guy that MS had arrested for leaking the info online.

Sounds like it was right at the time (otherwise why would he get arrested?) but for all we know it could be quite different now.

Only time will tell.
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Gildarts  +   985d ago
These leaks are not from superDAE.
BitbyDeath  +   985d ago

The only part not mentioned in SuperDAE's leak is the 'always online' however it is mentioned by the author. Everything else is included too.

Few quotes -

"He said nothing about the idea of the new Xbox requiring a constant online connection, something most recently reported by the respected Edge magazine. (One reliable Kotaku source has told us it's true, though, again, plans can change and the strictness of that online requirement—would it tolerate a spotty signal?—remains unclear.)"

"Not only does a Kinect ship with every console, but it must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function."

"Durango game installations will also be mandatory, as games can't directly access data from the disc."
Evil_Ryu  +   985d ago
we must purge extremist sony fanboys Dylila , Strong_man , & Kratos_kills and clean the N4G environment of there extremist ideology I'm afraid they will attract the wrong people to this website...please take a stand and put a end to there madness by contacting admin...
SlavisH2  +   985d ago
Its like every week some site say they have confirm next xbox specs. its just getting silly!
bullymangLer  +   985d ago
Get ready to get spied at with the next Xbox by the Reptoids.
HeroReborn  +   985d ago
The Kinect always on I doubt because it is a external peripheral. The games having to be put on the hardrive I see for multiple reasons.

1) One of the biggest drawbacks of consoles this genration was MS making the foley choice of not making every console with a hardrive, so devs always had to create games with the basis of it being read off disc.

2) From what I gather I can not recall at the moment any pc game now and days that does not require the data to be stored directly on the hardrive,

3) Lens speeds may be Dvd or especially blu-ray can not keep up with the ability to pull data off at which a harddisk is capable, the sheer speed that the disc would need to spin at would most likely make the disc fracture into pieces.

If we want larger scale games these are the steps that are needed its not just an ability to have the horsepower in the system, but the means to seek, access, and through put the data
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HeroReborn  +   985d ago
Just don't disagree rebuttal with something,if not your just a cheerleader sitting on the sideline. Lets have discussions and healthy debate
KrisButtar  +   985d ago
reasons for my disagree

i think the kinect always on is true, even looking at the ps4, their cam set up has to always be on because it functions with the dualshock 4 right?

i disagree with your number 2, as i have pc games and they all require my disc in the tray for their security check, or using the launcher, they say insert disc

Edit: fixed spelling
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HeroReborn  +   984d ago
I totally agree with you on the fact that you will need to have a disc for verification that you still own the game. Like what we have now but make it mandatory that the game be installed. For example what you have on your Pc just without the registration code. To get what we have on Pc we will have to read off a drive plan and simple even with a highend DVD lens read tech or Blu-ray which read speed is slower it's mathematically impossible to read the data needed to play say a game like Battlefield 3 where you have a high amount of particles, and effects off of disc and inputting them to a CPU GPU even if they were placed on the same die (chip)
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ACESupERIC  +   985d ago
I've had almost every console since Atari 2600. If these rumors (and I really hope they're rumors) are true, I won't be getting the next xbox. That makes me sad
josephayal  +   985d ago
Goods News, nice specs
Evil_Ryu  +   985d ago
we must purge extremist sony fanboys Dylila , Strong_man , & Kratos_kills and clean the N4G environment of there extremist ideology I'm afraid they will attract the wrong people to this website...please take a stand and put a end to there madness by contacting admin.
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Max-Zorin  +   985d ago
Rumors, rumors everywhere.
iconic56  +   985d ago
This article states that the Durango will be designed with always on, always connected in mind so that your console and games will always be up to date. So theoretically functions like purchasing Xbox games on a tablet, phone, or pc can then instantly start downloading to your Xbox without the need to turn it on. No where does anything ever say that the system will not operate if it is not connected online. Retail discs will be available to install games for those without internet access.

I thought this was pretty clear, but a lot of doomsayers seem to think Microsoft is actually making a console that doesn't operate offline.
B-radical  +   985d ago
Id rather wait :) i mean how can it be every single rumour about the nextbox is negative In the words of a man named Gob : Come on!
Ron_Danger  +   985d ago
CommonSenseGamer  +   985d ago
Its incredible how many just jump on the bandwagon without knowing the full story. I'm prepared to wait and see and make my decision based on facts and of course, the games.

Anything can be made to look bad without knowing the full story. For example, let's say you had to pay an ongoing monthly fee to keep your games unlocked else they won't play. And although the games may be free in the first place you have to wait a year after they are released before you can have your copy. If Sony had sold PS+ that way it sounds pretty naff even though its a pretty great subscription service.

What if to combat second hand sales MS locks a disc to a console but the cost of the game is priced to reflect it can't be on sold. Who knows what is planned or which developers MS discussed this with to make it happen. Let's face it, when there are 150 million PS3s and 360s (combined) in circulation and a game only sells 3 million, the numbers look pretty crap. I dare say all the players (MS, Sony, First and 3rd party developers) are looking at ways of increasing sales.

Anyway, as I said earlier I'm prepared to wait for the facts before I make my decision.
nunley33  +   985d ago
That would have to be a pretty big HDD considering all games must be installed and cant be played from the disc.Consoles already have 500gb HDDS' so bigger ones next gen wouldn't be surprising. You can install while you play on your first time inserting it but then it wont play afterwards. Playing from the HDD would be really smooth and assuming you can delete installs to free space and re-install later, that wouldn't be too bad. I wouldn't mind that option on PS4 to save wear on its blu-ray drive. The ALWAYS ONLINE & Kinect requirements seem more troubling to me but the always online part could change to be PASSIVE SYSTEM.
Kran  +   985d ago
It better all be fake, though somehow I get the feeling it won't be.

Looks like I'll be sticking to the PS4 and PC next gen, i dunno anymore. Gamings gone so downhill...
Mkai28  +   985d ago
Always on, you mean like a PC ?
Kran  +   985d ago
A console should stop trying to be a PC and just be a games console.

If I wanted Twitter, i'd use my PC or Phone.
If I wanted Facebook, " "
If I wanted YouTube, " "
If I wanted TV, " " and I'd just watch TV

CommonSenseGamer  +   985d ago
This is not the 1980s or 1990s anymore. The gaming business, like any business, looks to expand its markets and appeal to a wider audience. Consoles need to feature these types of features to appeal to as many punters as possible.

Furthermore, if the competition has it and you don't then the competition will look better.
RuleofOne343  +   985d ago
Phone should stop trying to be mini computers & TV's. go back to just receiving calls & making calls.
Kran  +   984d ago


OK I see your point. But if consoles are gonna add features like that, at least don't make it a chore to access them.
MakiManPR  +   985d ago
If all games NEED to be installed it means NO used games as it was rumored a while back. Or if you install it you'll need another code to fully unlock it.

And that 'ALWAYS ONLINE' isnt something new. Do you guys remember 'Wii Connect 24'?
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