Battlefield 3: End Game dated by EA

EA today confirmed the final release date of Battlefield 3: End Game.

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Merrill1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

March 28th

Earlier for Premium member's.

Az1mov1875d ago

That's a fucking drag! thought it would beginning of march

dazzrazz1875d ago

PS3 Premium members: March 5th
X360 and PC Premium members: March 12th
PS3 players: March 19th
X360 and PC players: March 26th

XboxInnovation1875d ago

Should be "End franchise". Bad company is much better.

Merrill1875d ago

The game has had amazing support. Almost all the DLC packs have been worth every penny, quite a deal if you bought the Premium version.

TekoIie1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I disagree on Aftermath. Xbow felt like they were desperately trying to think of something to put in and maps were kind of boring.

All the others have been great though and End Game looks to maybe be the best! Cant wait to try that new jeep out :)

Merrill1875d ago

Ya, Aftermath was terrible. The only one I haven't enjoyed.

DarthJay1875d ago

I agree that Bad Company is better (especially on console) but I don't support ending the franchise. Make them alternate. I wanted BC3 before BF4.

DirtyLary1874d ago

dumbed down vehicles, flight model, ceiling, guns, clunk run animations... you have fun with that old release. Only thing BF about that was throwing the BF name on to sell some copies, just like they did with MOH.

TemplarDante1875d ago

I thought its 5 March for PS3+BF Premium?

Detoxx1875d ago

March 5th for us Premium PS3 players!

jaymart2k1874d ago

Single Player - Bad Company Series>>Main BF
Multiplayer - Main BF>>Bad Company Series

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