Sony Distribute Free MotorStorm RC Codes

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has begun the distribution of free redemption codes for the critically acclaimed MotorStorm RC as compensation for the delay in the release of Ratchet & Clank: QForce on the PlayStation Vita.

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Lucreto1998d ago

Just check and I got mine.

Dark_Overlord1998d ago

Once again Sony treating us EU gamers like crap >:(

US gets R&C Deadlocked, we get this cheap ass game that I sure as hell wasn't interested in in the slightest.

Sony need to start treating all its customers as equals.

Lucreto1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

We are getting Ratchet: Gladiator as well when it is ready.

It even says it in the article.

Dark_Overlord1998d ago

I don't think you understand, the US got R&C Deadlocked instead of Motorstorm RC, why the hell would I want Motorstorm when I purchase an R&C game?


You pre purchase last guardian as a digital dl, then for the delay Sony gives the US SOTC or ICO and EU gamers something like Barbie adventures. Would you not be annoyed then?

All I'm asking for is for Sony to treat gamers the same across all their countries, and not show one preferential treatment.

Did you not read the blog when it was announced? There were hundreds of people complaining about the difference in treatment.

Lucreto1998d ago


You don't get it. We are getting Ratchet: Gladiator (aka Deadlocked) as well as Motorstorm.

Europe is getting 2 free games out of this.

We get Motorstorm now and Gladiator when they release it later this year. The US get nothing now and have to wait for Gladiator.

d0nT wOrrY1998d ago

HEY, we have better games in EU. Do not forget that bro. Can't wait to say what the PS+ US is getting for March too.

CaptainYesterday1998d ago

How does Sony treat EU like crap? You guys are constantly getting amazing games on PS+

Dark_Overlord1998d ago

Some minor examples

Correspondence via the blog is non existant, you US guys get a much better service.

Major delays in game releases (We still don't have CS:GO and Sony refuse to say anything)

US gets much better promotions (The $10 loyalty, us EU gamers didn't get anything)

I could list far more reasons, but they're my main gripes

TheGrimOfDeath1998d ago

Yeah, just because we get one small game it means Sony treats us like crap. Oh did I mention we are getting Ratchet: Gladiator too?

Also, we have been getting the better parts of PS+.

mathsman1998d ago

Lucreto is right, Dark_Overlord. You should probably read the article...

Riderz13371998d ago

You guys just got Mass Effect 3 from PS Plus! I HATE YOU! Lol...

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delboy1998d ago

If Sony doesn't reward you, just google for 3key and reward your self.