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Next-Gen Kinect Sensor Set To See Huge Improvements

David Lynch: ''With the PS4 potentially getting itself a big reveal tonight in New York, more Xbox 720 tech specs have emerged this time showing off the potential power of Kinect’s follow-up.

VGleaks has once again been at the heart of the rumoured tech specs, but according to the site, Microsoft will be bundling a next-gen Kinect with every Xbox 720 and integrating motion control much more heavily than before.'' (Kinect, Xbox One)

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Godmars290  +   675d ago
but will it actually, honestly, work, or will the gaming community again have to put up with fanboys pointlessly gushing over titles like Just Dance or defending broken games like steel Battalion?
edonus  +   675d ago
The current kinect actually and honestly works. The reality of kinect gets bogged down by all the poison injected in to the industry about motion gaming in general.

Does kinect have problems and things it can improve on? Yes 100% but instead of talking about whats really happening we get stuck in Han Solo dancing, and opinion based reviews that dont mention any of the technical advances occurring and misrepresenting what is actually happening.

Most ppl dont know but the 360 is actually to under powered run kinect at full potential. Thats why in most games the graphics are knocked down or they cant combine elements from other games that worked to make even more versatile experiences.

You probably still think kinect has terrible lag (poison).

Any way the next box is set to give it all the processing power it needs, and keep in mind these first set of game were only the first iterations. Think about the 3rd Star Wars kinect with a more versatile saber system and the ability to adapt more powers seamlessly. If you think it would just be the same its because of the (poison).
Munky  +   675d ago
Well said. Bub +
Godmars290  +   675d ago
So wait. You admit that that Kinect is underpowered on the 360, something that's been known since before its launch when a processor was removed from it, and yet all issues involving it are the result of "poison" from the media? Nevermind that for all that they've said you can't name one honestly good Kinect title. Can only accuse me of being blind.

Gunstringer. From what I've heard - heard - its one of the few if only game which shows what the Kinect does right and is genuinely fun.

But the point is that overall while Kinect hasn't generally proven itself, is only owned or used by 1/3 of Xbox owners, MS is now going ahead and making it mandatory in their next system - and people such as yourself are trying to defend them on no real basis. Can't even come up with an actual example of the damn thing working.
hazardman  +   675d ago
Hopefully this works out for MS, just don't forget the hardcore gamers. Only thing is I wish is that Kinect wasn't heavily pushed because they make it seem like its the only way to play on xbox. I just want to sit and relax play a game and smoke a blizz. I can't do all that jumping around and shit. All that being said I'm still buying one, just not for Kinect!
JBallerX  +   675d ago
I am still on the fence at this point. Neither company has my money for sure. I am a bigger fan of Microsoft because of the 360 and the majority of my friends play on the 360. However, all of that could change with a great showing from Sony.
baraka007  +   674d ago
so we are going to waste another 5+ years on motion gaming huh... I would rather money be spent on making the system more powerful or cheaper than getting a kinect or move controller.

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