Random enemies and items in RE:Revelations are randomly placed

It's been confirmed that all enemies and items will be randomized during each playthrough to maximize replayability.

This seems like not just a good idea to maxmize game time, but a good way to maximize scares and tension.

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nofallouthero1978d ago

random encounters and items are a great idea in horror games

PopRocks3591978d ago

Redundant title is redundant...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31978d ago

Man, I was thinking and getting ready to post the exact same thing before I clicked to comment. Wow...

PopRocks3591978d ago

Small world dude, small world.

Mounce1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Random enemies in a random game with random items are randomly placed.

DID YOU KNOW THAT? Capcom randomly thought to themselves that they should randomly place random items to random locations to make the gameplay random each time you play their random titles to make random the playthrough unique in a random manner each random time!

PopRocks3591978d ago

This made me chuckle. Bubble for you, sir.

Chaos_Raiden1978d ago

This should have been done in previous RE games as well, especially Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

BlackWolf1977d ago

It's a good idea. It makes the experience more unique every time you play, which helps with the horror atmosphere.

Thepcz1977d ago

just gives the impression of lack of creative control.

how can a game with random items and enemies be good? scares dont happen by accident, tension doesnt occur by chance. not in entertainment, anyway. it is created.

ie, at this specific corner, accompanied by this certain music, this event occurs. that is a controlled and deliberate event. randomising it destroys that level of creative control

i think its just laziness on capcoms part. they make the game, then just create a code which randomly populates the game with items and monsters. lame

in the early resident evils, the games were definitely not random, they were crafted! every item and monster was strategically placed, purposefully to create scares, and also to create strategy in the game.

randomising the game destroys all that

no wonder the series has gone to pot.

randomising... whatever next.

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