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Aliens: Colonial Marines, developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sega, is the latest title to be added to the list of Alien-inspired games - but does it live up to all the hype that was created before release?

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pr0digyZA2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

I've been reading some impressions from neogaf, and it's not looking to good to be honest.
Apparently you fight a lot of normal soldiers,
aliens just attack you head on with no impact from bullets,
I believe from people playing on normal the blood does no damage,
graphics are not up to scratch
From what i can tell it looks like a bargain buy game or if you are a huge alien fan who just has to get a fix from that world.

jimbobwahey2133d ago

Yeah, this game really is complete and utter garbage and honestly? 7.9 seems like a ridiculously high score to give it considering that it's terrible in pretty much every single way, and I say this as a huge fan of the movies who's been anticipating the release of this game ever since it was announced.

The campaign is full of horrid bugs and glitches, some of which will actually prevent progress and require a restart of a checkpoint. AI (friendly and enemy) is the worst I have ever seen, and regularly glitches out getting stuck in geometry or trying to run/shoot through walls.

The game is supposed to be about fighting xenomorphs but you actually fight more humans. Why you might ask? Well, the story explains but make no mistake, it is abysmal. I'm actually shocked at just how bad the story is actually, since this is supposed to be an official sequel to the movie Aliens but the writing honestly reads as something a 10 year old would come up with after watching the movies. I'm not even joking, if you're unfortunate enough to have spent money on this game you'll see what I mean, it's offensively bad.

I wouldn't even know where to begin with how it completely and utterly destroys the continuity of the franchise and introduces glaring plotholes all over the place either.

Really though, the gameplay is the real offender here, and it's just awful through and through, with no redeeming factors. As for the ending? The final boss fight is utter junk and you can no doubt predict what it will be if you're a fan of the movies. As for the ending to the story? Well, rather than giving effective close for this crapfest they go and leave the ending open to set the game up for a sequel, under the assumption that anybody would actually hand over cash for one after they're finished with this game.

Utterly rubbish in every regard. I strongly advise anybody thinking of buying this to not waste their money, because you WILL regret it.

pr0digyZA2133d ago

Yeah to be honest I really loved the 2010 AVP marine campaign.

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Gaming1012133d ago

License game that's been delayed several times - who coulda figured it would be bad...
This one filed under "duh"

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WeskerChildReborned2133d ago

I have a feeling this game will get alot of mixed reviews.

ironfist922133d ago

Unfortunate for the developers of the amazing Borderlands 2 game, asked to handle an equally amazing franchise as Aliens.

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showtimefolks2133d ago

this game has been played by many Via piracy and some here in n4g have given their thought which are not good

i guess this is one of those summer games you buy in bargain bin and enjoy for a day or two

summer list:

Daed space 3
arm of 2

for as good as 2013 was hyped to be a lot of games have been not as good as advertised

my high hopes for

tomb raider
last of us
beyond 2 souls

kupomogli2133d ago

Looks more like a list of currently cool to hate games rather than a list of games "not as good as advertised." You probably haven't played any of them.

I'll give my opinion of the ones on that list I've played.

Dead Space 3 plays coincidentally, like Dead Space. Imagine that. When playing single player there is no ally, it's just Isaac by himself. If you play co op, the story changes to include the additional character, John Carver.

Now I've only played Dead Space 2 prior to this, and apparently, it's the same as the first game. With Dead Space 2, you're constantly shooting at enemies and I've never came close to running out of ammo once. After you acquire the Plasma Cutter and you go to the next area, you have to kill six necromorphs in order to proceed. "Six Necromorphs in order to proceed." Shortly after that, you fight a boss that you need to put multiple shots into his arms to kill him. Constantly through the rest of the game you'll be shooting, never running out of ammo. There's even one point later in the game where you stand on a drilling vehicle killing dozens of necromorphs.

You're only fooling yourself if you think the other Dead Space games aren't shooters, because they are.

For those who want to play Dead Space 3, the developers give those people many different options. Single player or co-op. With co-op, enemies can take more damage and take off more damage. At the start of co op mode, you have the choice that when your ally dies, will he/she be able to be revived Resident Evil 5 style or an immediate game over. There are multiple difficulties like every Dead Space game and there are multiple modes. Classic mode removes co op and only allows you to create weapons from Blueprints, Pure Survival only allows health and ammo to be created from materials rather than found on enemies or in boxes, and Hardcore only allows for you to die a single time.

As for Army of Two. I haven't played Devil's Cartel and sure that you haven't either. However, the 40th Day was an amazing game and one of the best shooters this gen. I'm interested in Devil's Cartel for that reason alone.

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axerated2134d ago

Mines due in the post today, I may have to avoid reviews until I've completed it so I'm not going in knowing what's apparently shit about it and see if these faults stand out to me when I'm not aware of what they are...

TheModernKamikaze2134d ago

That's what I do, I just watched

Jackie Chan's new movie CZ12,
And I liked it, but when I saw the reviews, it was bad, I felt bad that the review wasn't fond of the movie.

maximus19852133d ago

very true, we dont all notice it but reviews tend to mold our perception of the game before we even hit start. Its best to go in unbaised then reflect.

KaBaW2133d ago

True. I do that whenever there is a new game that I'm looking forward to.
I try to keep away from any news, reviews, videos, ect. as I possibly can..
When you read a bad review you kinda look for the bad while playing.

At least I do.

sithsylar2134d ago

Like i said in a previous article gearbox got lucky with borderlands 1. The games after it have been pretty shit...

Kurt Russell2133d ago

I liked Borderlands 2 as well :P

sithsylar2133d ago

Thats all right Kurt Russell everyone makes mistakes. ;-)

NeoTribe2133d ago

You kiddin? Borderlands 2 was leaps better than borderlands 1. Sold alot more aswell.

csreynolds2133d ago

Yeah, Borderlands 2 was a HUGE flop. Or not.

BanBrother2134d ago

It will still be fun for huge Alien fans. I loved the AvP from 2010, even though it had many flaws. A couple of my friends already have it, and one of them said it was pretty average.

I don't care for reviews much, as I'll still enjoy it. For those who aren't big Aliens fans, it is probably a bargain bin buy.

jimbobwahey2133d ago

Actually the game is even worse if you're a fan of the franchise.

As for AVP 2010? I can honestly say that game is a straight-up masterpiece in comparison to this. That's how bad Colonial Marines is.

maximus19852133d ago

jimbobwahey, stop. your on each page just bashing this game trying to convince everyone of how awful this game is. you hate the game we get it.

MysticStrummer2133d ago

Did someone from Gearbox touch you inappropriately?

Perjoss2133d ago

"Did someone from Gearbox touch you inappropriately?"

maybe they didn't, but actually that's what he wanted?

PopRocks3592133d ago

AVP was a glitchy mess. You keep saying how awful this new Aliens game is but you refuse to state anything specific about it. I'll trust my own judgement on the game over your annoying assessment, thanks.

bluetoto2133d ago


I'd like you to at least give me some other personal details about what you don't like other than repeating what someone else has already said, over and over.

I'm a big Alien fan, even still got my copy of AvP(have only played about 2 or 3 hrs of it) and after being disappointed with AvP ( you can't even crouch in the game! or was it the lack of an ADS?)

Anyways, it just seems you are just spewing hate, which is fine and all, but again, at least back up your comments with what YOU didn't like.

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Fil1012133d ago

I seen AVP for £7 and was thinking about getting it, is it worth it and is the online side to it any good ???

BanBrother2133d ago


I take it you are from England? If so, AvP is the best if you live in the UK. The matchmaking on PS3 (and 360) is region locked, so to match up you have to have two people from the same country. Japanese people didn't get the game, but one of our friends who lived there imported a copy and could match up with any country.

The campaign is pretty cool. 3 'shortish' campaigns where you get to play as Marine, Alienand Predator. The MP is pretty fun also with a group of friends. The UK community is probably the highest, but still not quite 'healthy'. Could always recruit people off of '' though.

MasterCornholio2133d ago

Its a shame that this game will probably be crap. I miss the good old days of AVP2 which was a fantastic game in my opinion.

BTW wasn't this game suppose to have amazing visuals? Which is why its disappointing that while the Wii U might have the best console version of this game the graphics are still crap and nowhere near next gen as they claimed.

asmith23062133d ago

AvP2 was amazing. One of my favourite shooters ever. It was pretty much AvP Half Life style!

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