"Street Fighter IV Could Potentially Come To Wii" Says Producer

Capcom's forthcoming 3D 'reboot' of the Street Fighter series may be dividing opinion all over the globe thanks to its unique visuals style but producer Yoshinori Ono is confident the end product will be a success and commented that in his opinion the game could 'potentially' arrive on the Wii.

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wiizy3940d ago

forget potentially. they need to bring it to the wii , it would be a huge success..

SCThor3940d ago

Now I can beat the cr*p out of my 4 year old nephew over the net.

Revlis913940d ago

If they want sales, they "potentially" have to make one for the wii too lol

Odiah3940d ago

Forget Streetfighter.

Bring out a new Marvel vs Capcom =P

butterfinger3940d ago

A new Marvel vs. Capcom would be amazing! However, I'm not overly thrilled with the new Street Fighter coming out. I feel like Street Fighter is some crappy dad that abandoned us and now we've made it so he's coming back for some of our money.

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The story is too old to be commented.