Report: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn't do split screen or Wii U + Pro Controller

Nerd Reactor reports that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will not be able to do split screen on a television via Wii U. It also cannot be played two-player with one Wii U controller and a Pro Controller. However, it can be played with up to three 3DS systems and one Wii U system, and Wii U systems can play online with up to three other Wii U players.


Nerd Reactor apologizes if the article title was misleading. The title should have been, "Report: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate doesn't do split screen or Wii U tablet + Pro Controller." We do not know at this time whether or not Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will or will not allow the use of the Wii U pro controller. Players cannot, however, use a pro controller and Wii U tablet (two players) on one TV via one Wii U system.

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animegamingnerd2070d ago

well that sucks but maybe they can patch it in down the line

C-Thunder2070d ago

They won't, pretty sure they're going minimal effort on this one, like they have since MHFreedom

2070d ago
rezzah2070d ago

I would like to think the one time they actually tried was when they were developing MHTri. The thing is Tri was originally being made for the PS3 so they held back greatly since it was transferred to the Wii.

BullyMangler2070d ago

yeh does kinda suck, but this game doesn't even have a sophisticated lock-on mode. And this game loads too much .. maybe they can patch that too. Supposedly MH4 does have lock-on . This way we can strife around the monster, doo back flips and still be engaged in battle .

Perjoss2070d ago

I cant tell if you're serious.

EddieNX 2070d ago

Monster Hunter ultimate has lock on mode. unlike tri.

rezzah2070d ago

Lock-on in MH is lame. It takes a more realistic approach.

Learn to play the game the way it was made or don't play it. Lock-on would greatly reduce the skill it takes to fight, and thus reducing the pleasure you get in defeating your enemy.

Loading times have always been long in MH since 2004. For MHF2 and MHFU they allowed a manual install that shortened the loading times. I'm not sure if they allowed that in Tri.

ThanatosDMC2069d ago

Not to mention the hit-boxes will be centered around the body instead of real weak points.

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PopRocks3592070d ago

Okay, that is actually pretty lame. Thanks for the corner cutting Capcom.

...Alliteration aside, that sentence actually feels really redundant.

zebramocha2070d ago

@pop it wasn't a redundant comment,you showed your disappointment because they're not using the controller properly and you think they suck for not doing themselves or gamers a favor.

fei-hung2070d ago

Well it is Capcom after all. They are cashing in on MH like they do with the SF series. Remember, this is just another version of MH3 and one of many.

Since they know MH series sell like hot cakes, why bother making an effort and spending more money than necessary if its going to sell anyway?!

I won't be surprised if they release a ton of DLC after launch with extra bits and pieces. This is the very reason I have not bought a Capcom game in a longtime unless it was pre owned.

adorie2070d ago

What has happened to Capcom? Their best talent is gone, their iconic series being watered down to the point of a new identity that barely has a whisper of their roots.

Companies that squat down on their fanbase, like Square Enix, the same fanbase that vows to "day 1" purchase their games after seeing info or previews in magazines. I just don't get it.

Does money truly trump everything? Because that's the only thing I can come up with.

fei-hung2070d ago

I'm just glad we are getting a true successor to MH in the form of Soul Sacrifice. It's a shame for those who don't have a Vita, but you WiiU gamers will be blessed with the true DMC successor known as Bayonetta.

If Capcom continue like this, newer studios formed by the talent which built Capcom last gen will eventually take Capcom out with better games.

FamilyGuy2070d ago

If it was all about money they would have released it on PS3 and 360 as well. I'm not on Capcoms side, they are money hungry but they seem stupid as well at the moment.

These mistakes lose customers.

fei-hung2070d ago

Well it may be about money as Nintendo could have paid for Exclusitivity, timed or otherwise. We know the big N is trying to get 3rd parties back on board after the Wii.

Ninty could even have paid in part or full for the games to be ported onto their consoles. I suppose we will never know.

metroid322070d ago


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Kichiguy2070d ago

To be fair, these options take a lot of time to implement. Uncharted didn't get two-player split screen until the 3rd in the series.

Gohadouken2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Honestly , this is like what the 9th monster hunter game , at least ...

And while one of the prettiest wii game , it was on a tech level nothing an hd console like ps3/360 and wii u can't handle in split screen .

While uncharted 1 is one of the most technically Advanced console game ever seen ....

That excuse doesnt fly imo

Nitrowolf22070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

"To Be Fair"

Comparing a game that released on the Wii and got an enhanced version, which capcom took the time to another game that released the same generation?
Also your comparing Uncharted 2 to 3, when no one was expecting UC2 to even have multiple players.

Seriously, I don't have an issue with the Wii U stuff, but that comparison is dumb

Kichiguy2070d ago

It's probable that Capcom only had the resources to get the game ported to 3DS and Wii U. I believe there are also new areas in the game. It's easier to tack on new options when the game has already been on a platform previously. The Uncharted series added new options as it went. This is the first time that MH is appearing on 3DS and Wii U, so I personally wouldn't expect every bell and whistle to be included. The next one, though, sure.

Baka-akaB2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

No offense , but I dont see how to defend the undefendable there . It's an easy port for the console and given how much capcom makes out of each monster Hunter game they do have the ressources .

Split screen was on the original version of a technically vastly inferior console that is easily "emulated" by the wii U .

Imo only a lack of will explain the lack of it in a still definitive but hardly taxing game for the wii U .

Hell we've had more taxing launch games on Wii U , so yeah i agree that such excuse doesnt fly . It's still cut content

rezzah2070d ago

Split screen doesn't work in a MH title. You need to the whole screen to asses your surroundings, and to know where the monster is.

Split screen will limit you in MH, especially if 2 players on 1 screen are fighting 2 very strong monsters at the same time within the same area.

I know what it is like to fight 2 black Diablos in G-rank level with 2 or more players. It can be chaotic at times.

deafdani2069d ago

Yeah, but Wii U allows one player to play on the gamepad's screen while the other plays on the TV's screen with another controller (pro controller or wii remote - nunchuck).

But Monster Hunter doesn't allow that. The only way you can have local co op is by buying also the 3DS version of the game... and a 3DS, if you don't have one.

There's NO excuse for that. Capcom intentionally made local coop like that just to push more copies of the 3DS game.

rezzah2068d ago

Good point, I never thought of this since no other system allows dual screens (your tv and your controller).

TwistedMetal2070d ago

Whats the use of a freaking game pad controller if you dont get to use it in any games?

Wow this is really really dumb. How about they just worry about releasing some games because the amount of time its takeing these games to come out is rediculous. last of us, ni no kuni, and gta5 will be out before probably even pikmin 3 lol. why would i buy pikmin 3 if gta5 comes out at the same time, Games for nintendo console and handheld should be releasing before those games especially animal crosssing which is out in japan.

deafdani2069d ago

GTA5 came out years ago... and there's no chance in hell you'll see GTA6 anytime soon.

ElectricKaibutsu2068d ago

"GTA 5 came out years ago"... Is that metaphorical or something? It's still in development...

deafdani2068d ago

DERP! I confused Grand Theft Auto with Gran Turismo.

Lol. Forget what I said, guys. XD

PygmelionHunter2070d ago

Not a surprise really, co-op in MHTri~ also sucked hard.

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