Ubisoft Files ‘Killing Day’ Trademark, The Forgotten Shooter From Sony’s 2005 E3 Conference

Back in 2005, Sony took to the E3 stage to announce the PlayStation 3 in an explosive show. Between all the huge prices, pre-rendered CGI trailers, Ridge Racers and PS3 exclusives, Ubisoft's Killing Day was revealed.

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alexcosborn2158d ago

Interesting.... Very interesting.

AngelicIceDiamond2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Too bad we would never know what it'll TRULY look like on PS360. But rather on new consoles instead.

Game still looks surprisingly impressive for a 7 in a half year old tech demo.

EDIT: One more thing, its funny how the video isn't streamed in HD but in SD. Ahh we came so far from 2005.

konnerbllb2157d ago

It's cgi. Almost all games shown from sony in 2005 were cgi. I'm not using this as a bases, but it does infact look cgi as well, there is nothing that looks realtime about it.

solid_warlord2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Killing Day and especialy Killzone 2 2005 E3 Tech demo that sony showcased was probaly the stupidest, saddest and dissapointing moment in hisory of E3.

Killing day looked like a revolutionary shooter and Killzone just looked beyond what everyother game was capable of...we all knew how that turned out. Good if u compare it to other shooters but to the original E3 pre render..haha no chance. I hope the $ony clowns never show a Pre rendered CGI ever again.

I hope we get graphics like that that would be a milestone.

2157d ago
akaakaaka2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

well Ubi use all that tech and assets to make CALL OF JUAREZ so you got a idea on it already..

and to those who say sony lie, go back and look at the tech demos from 2005 e3 and you can see that most today games seem or just better and they reach their goal, they look outdated..

NewMonday2157d ago

the guy kind of looks like Majima from Yakuza

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UnholyLight2157d ago

Solid_warlord is right. My friend and I were GOING NUTS when we saw the 2005 demo for Killzone and couldn't believe how amazing it looked. That sure didn't happen. I agree that that was a huge mistake, the other tech demo I remember was the one with like elephants and stuff (it looked like an African safari or something). Those animals looked real as well, and well PS3 was nowhere near that in reality.

cannon88002157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Hey, remember EyeDentify? That game never came out.

And not to forget about wardevil

And Coded arms Assault

Eldyraen2157d ago

I remember watching and listening for details on Wardevil for so long after announced ;(

kratos1232158d ago

Looked at the video last week to see if the cgi video would hold up to the games released now.
I can easily say that the games released right now are soo much better looking then what was promised at e3 2005/2006

2158d ago
guitarded772157d ago

Possible. Maybe they were into development, and found out the processors in current gen systems couldn't handle the destructive environments and visuals the developers wanted, and put it on the back burner. Maybe they have the game design, and are making new assets for it. Hard to say, just speculation... maybe they just wanted rights to the name for another project.

Enemy2158d ago

Next up: The Getaway and Eight Days!

NastyLeftHook02158d ago

the getaway was a quality title.

DeadlyFire2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Blame Intel for that one buddy. Fractiv(The original developer's new studio) couldn't get Intel to give them the rights yet.

Someone needs to attack Intel so that they let those rights go to the proper developer.

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