Top 5 Gaming Wishes of 2013

"2012 is wrapping up pretty nicely, especially since none of those apocalypses ended up happening. As we exchange our calendars and turn over the page for a new year, here is a small wish list of five things I would like to see next year (and hey, might actually happen!)."

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medman1849d ago

You might as well wish for a unicorn for your birthday, it's just as unlikely a scenario.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1849d ago

-Ruby and sapphire remake before 6th gen.
-Real news on VersusXIII.

Ezz20131849d ago (Edited 1849d ago ) don't need to shout like this man

prototypeknuckles1849d ago

prince of persia game namely prince of persia 08 sequel announcement (highly doubt it though its most likely going to be the assassians creed egypt looking game with dark skinned kratos)

beyond good and evil 2 details, at least a new trailer

for ubisoft to let assassians creed take a rest next year and focus on BG&E, and PoP because im personally getting sick of assassians creed, its time to remember you have another franchise with climbing elements ubi.

people stop buying crap games from disrespectful companies and buy good games from companies that deserve the money

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