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Wiiloveit.com: Invasion of the Alien Blobs! - DSiWare Review

"Whether in tabletop or digital format, I readily enjoy immersing myself in games with a complex make-up, but I'm well aware of the opposing opinion and personally know people who will quickly repudiate such a thought. While I tend to be a less understanding when someone dismisses a never-before-experienced game even after I've vocalized great enthusiasm for it, I too have felt the rapid change in thought pattern that can come from hearing a long list of rules. If only all games acquired the same lack of puzzling air and dimension as G-STYLE's Invasion of the Alien Blobs. Maybe then we'd all the more accepting when something deeper comes along. ...On second thought, now that I really think about that, if more games were like Invasion of the Alien Blobs, we'd have a serious, serious problem on our hands." -- Wiiloveit.com (Invasion of the Alien Blobs, Nintendo DS) 23/100

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