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Assassin’s Creed III’s Final Chase Sequence Was The Worst Thing I Played All Year

Kotaku - As I leapt into the fire, dying for the 28th time, I didn't feel anger or frustration; I felt resignation and a little bit of wonder. How, I asked aloud, to no one in particular. How on earth does something this awful wind up in a big-budget video game in the year 2012? (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Emilio_Estevez  +   996d ago
Kind of agree with him, idk about the 'worst', but it was a disappointing sequence of events for sure.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   996d ago
I got full synch on my first try on this chase

It wasn't hard

When guards move to block you move to the sides, and swerve through the people

And honestly, if the game keeps failing you for doing the same thing, won't it hit him that hes doing it wrong?
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Conzul  +   996d ago
All of AC3's chases were poorly executed and imbalanced.
Like the author, I too spent nearly 30 attempts trying to stay in range of Lee.

I ended up using the moored ship to the left.
rezzah  +   995d ago
It was annoying, one small mistake and the guy you chased would run faster than the Road Runner (Bugs Bunny show).

They wouldn't allow you to catch up to him. I did figure out a way to get him though, not sure if it was the correct route to take.
DarkBlood  +   996d ago
well some title that is but im sure i'll forget anyways
seanpitt23  +   996d ago
Totally felt the same I died a hell of a lot of times I just didn't know where to go.
SpinalRemains138  +   996d ago
Yeah that part was pretty weak.

AC has gotten away from what made the game so fun. They place entire too much emphasis on making the full sync requirements too much a PITA.

Dont shove anyone or get hit? Really? Yeah we can do it, but by the 10th try when we've done it, the story and flow has been so disrupted that it's borderline absurd.

Give the gamer back the freedom to do whatever he wants and give us a flat score for doing so.

That chase scene was really really weak. I like the AC series very much too.
UnHoly_One  +   996d ago
I've been saying the same thing since Brotherhood.

I still enjoy the games but the lack of freedom is slowly ruining them.
kma2k  +   996d ago
not bragging in any way but as a point of reference i died about 5 times before i finally figured it out. It was a pain but far from the biggest pain in the ass ive played all year. By far the worst thing i played all year was star wars kinect. The controlls were so f'ing stupid at the final sequence i did die 30+ times f that game!
ChocolateGiddyUp  +   996d ago
The worst part about this for me was - this is your final confrontation with the villain. There's no fight, no struggle, no stabbing...all you do is stumble around like a dumbass for a couple of minutes, then the game just sort of ends.
Reborn  +   996d ago
I just went the water way, first time. Since I like running on that side for some reason.
InTheLab  +   996d ago
If it's anything like the beginning, which is awful, then I've just wasted $30.

Long ass Cut scene. Walk straight ahead. Cut scene. Plug in apple thing. Cut scene. Walk summore. Cut scene. Jump and run tutorial. Cut scene. Brief assassination, cut scene, 72 days of questioning the crew, cut scenes, fighting the crew, cut scenes, talking with the captain, cut scenes, conspiracy, cut scenes, counter stab cut scene, cut scene, cut scene, cut scene, Ben Franklin, cut scene, horses, cut scene, etc.....cut scene.

That was the first hour. I'm seriously thinking about playing through Dishonored again and doing a no kill, no alert, no powers run.
Led-Zeppelin  +   995d ago

If you thought the first hour is bad just wait until you play 6 more hours of complete horse shit.

Half of the game (6 sequences out of 12) is one big giant ass tutorial.

NO FREEDOM. You just go through the motion of the cinematics (which is boring).

I too wasted my money on this crappy game.

But if you go to Gamestop, they have a deal where you can trade it in for $35, which is what I did. I would defiantly do it if I were you.

This games is a complete waste of time.

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