Wii U Owners Bummed Out By Huge Firmware Update

Kotaku - That's a progress bar 1/8th full after 30 minutes—a four-hour process at this rate—for the Wii U's infamous firmware update, said to be 5 gigabytes (according to Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers TV, and repeated by numerous others). Sony, you are officially off the hook with the PS3's interminable, poorly timed and mandatory system updates.

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-Mezzo-1849d ago

5 GB is pretty big, could take hours to download, even on great connections.

Abash1849d ago

What the hell could be in those 5GBs of the update? O_o

guitarded771849d ago

It took me about an hour and 20 min to download... I have basic cable internet and can't believe it downloaded so quick. Anyway, really enjoying NSMBU right now, it feels nice to play a Nintendo console again since I got rid of my Wii a long time ago. Wii U ID = guitarded77 if anyone from n4g wants to add me.

DaCajun1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

What is Kotaku smoking because I want some of that, it took my connection 50 mins to DL then install. people must have some seriously slow crap out there.

Feralkitsune1849d ago

The firmware and programs.

darthv721848d ago

maybe its better for me to wait. That way, they will have units to stores with the new update already applied.

i dont mind giving up my place in line for those who are chomping at the bit for one.

Motorola1848d ago

They shipped the console without an OS gg.

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GraveLord1849d ago

That is unacceptable. WTF was Nintendo thinking?
But hey, probably most of the casuals won't even download it.

Rayansaki1849d ago

Console has no online features without that patch. It's pretty mandatory even for casuals.

Phil321848d ago

The console was obviously manufactured months ago before the OS was finished.

V0LT1849d ago

Took me 1 hour to d/l and 5 min to install it on a 50 down / 5 up plan.

f7897901848d ago

That's Nintendo's servers being slow then. It should have been way faster.

I'm betting some people are getting crap download servers that everyone is leeching off of.

Godmars2901848d ago

Isn't this update bigger than memory capacity of the low-end Wii U model? does that even...what?

Blackdeath_6631848d ago

i know right. nice to see "next gen" consoles getting off to a good start geez. (sarcasm) i knew this would happen if people rushed next gen

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1848d ago

lol 8gb model is really 3gbs so good luck..

f7897901848d ago

Seriously, wtf was Nintendo thinking with 8GB? Horrible.

DragoonsScaleLegends1848d ago

I can download 1 GB in 6 minutes sometimes even 4-5 minutes so it wouldn't take me that long! So it would take me around 25min to download unless since so many people are downloading at once it is slowing nintendos servers down a bit.

showtimefolks1848d ago

It's a one time thing guys do it once I am sure future updates won't be 5gb.

I hope ms and Sony are paying attention to wiiu launch and learn to make a smoother launch for their respective systems most likely fall of 2013

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dazzrazz1849d ago

10 Mbps = 1 hour and couple of minutes, of course if u constantly download at that speed

ProjectVulcan1849d ago

Assuming as well of course Nintendo's servers aren't getting killed by everyone downloading it at once.

Oh wait. They will be. DOH!

YoungPlex1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Your absolute correct! It's to the point were it has become nearly impossible in creating a Nintendo Network ID. Hopefully it slows down by tonight... The update did add a significant amount of content worthy of the 5gigs. Mii-verse and the Wara-Wara plaza are freaken amazing!

guitarded771849d ago

Exactly... see my post above, it took me about 1hr and 20min. It's never fun to download updates on day 1, but it was very fast for the size, and the added features of Miiverse are worth the time. It's fun to post and comment with people about the games you're playing. Now if Nintendo could just implement an overarching achievement system, it will be amazing for a social gaming feature. The handwritten post feature is really cool.

DragoonsScaleLegends1848d ago

I've got a 30 Mbps speed and sometimes it fluctuates to 40-50 Mbps. Time Warner internet is kind of all over the place were we live.

SilentNegotiator1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Can you blame them? 5GB is terribly unreasonable for a single firmware update. People with the basic system just lost over 60% of their internal memory!

DaCajun1849d ago

Yea they should have allocated some extra separate storage for this firmware update besides the 8GB and 32GB they advertised on the box knowing full well they were going to do this.

Snookies121849d ago

Hah, I was wondering when I'd see someone bring that up. The fact that it takes up so much space is really unacceptable...

Quetzll1849d ago

No need to install games because of high disc read speed. No need for large hard drive unless you're downloading games. Cloud service, likely future possibility, would take care of that. Hard drives, cheap ones everywhere.

kneon1848d ago

5GB does seem huge, I expect it's a complete firmware update and not a patch. Hopefully they weren't stupid and did design the system to allow firmware patches, if not they are going to annoy a lot of people every time they issue a firmware update.

Godmars2901848d ago

Doesn't the base/already installed OS already take up a lot of space?

DragoonsScaleLegends1848d ago

Yeah I wouldn't care about it being twice that but the console doesn't come with that much memory to start with so I agree.

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kewlkat0071849d ago

That is very big for an update..especially with those with slow connections.

I haven't opened mine yet...I did get the 8GB, I will be using a 1TB hdd..etc for space..

kupomogli1849d ago

1TB hard drive. So technically your Wii U cost maybe $375 or $400?

People don't think about all these missing accessories and features. All they see is a low cost system.

Quetzll1848d ago

yep. i see a low cost system and i see cheap externals everywhere. i could get fully set up with two or three brand new games for under $500.

can't ask for much more from a console's launch. that's about as good as launches get right there.

Deku-Johnny1848d ago

Yeah but you don't have to get a 1GB one, I'm probably just going to get 300-500GB hard drive for mine so it won't cost too much, it's better to have the option to have as much or as little memory as you want.

kewlkat0071848d ago

True, there is no way the WiiU would even come with a 1TB drive...having that much space for me personally, I don't mind buying it. black Friday deals I could get it for under 80bucks for sure.

barb_wire1848d ago

Well, if you're talking Black Friday deals OfficeMax has a 2TB ext HDD for $65 - that's bargain right there

s45gr321848d ago

Well the problem is Nintendo should of come at the very least with some sort of free cloud service. It just crippled the shoppers who bought the 8gb wii u model by forcing them to buy an external hard drive. So instead of $300.00 you are looking at $380.00 or $400.00. It also shows Nintendos' incompetence in this day and age to have a mandatory patch before you mess around with the wii u. The PS3 nor the Xbox 360 did not have this. I worry so for I was looking to purchase a wii u; sadly that won't be the case until it gets its act together.

Ilovetheps41849d ago

It took me about 45 minutes. But yeah, it was pretty bad getting the system and not being able to use any online features straight away.

mcstorm1849d ago

Tbh that just like getting a ps3. If you buy a ps3 now you have to wait for its updates before you can play it and then if you want gt5 as your game its even longer.

But that is now part of gaming. Updates are there to help the console run better and offer the user a better experience.

WeAreLegion1849d ago

The PS3 is shipped with the latest firmware update. If you went and purchased a PS3 new somewhere, right now, odds may not even have an update. Worst case scenario: You have to sit through a five minute update.

kreate1849d ago

I bought a ps3 some days ago and I logged on straight to the psn without updates. U want me to go buy another one just to double check?

Version I bought was the assassins creed bundle w 500gb hdd super slim ps3.

Perjoss1848d ago

Oh man, I remember that GT5 install, 1 hour and 20 mins for 11 gigs, that the hell was that all about. A 360 takes about 10 mins to install 6.5 gigs, that GT5 install should have taken 20 mins tops, are the blu ray drives really that slow?

s45gr321848d ago

Updates should of stayed in PC only and it would be nice to have background updates and patches. Meaning let me watch a movie or play another game while the game I want to play is being updated or patch. Also for the system. Might as well stick to PC because the user has more control of updates and patches i.e. the developer does it for you, you do it via mods, or you let steam do it for you all running in the background.

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