OXCGN’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review: Is Need For Speed “Burning out”?


"I’ve been saying this since Carbon; the franchise needs to go back to the drawing board, take a hiatus for a year or two and re-focus on where it wants to go in the future."

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gaminoz2218d ago

I liked Burnout! I'm not sure what the reviewer has against it.

ChronoJoe2218d ago

I like Burnout. Problem with Need for Speed for me is that it just feels like a tame version of Burnout. Which wasn't what I wanted.

Then again I have the PC version, which is a really crappy port - doesn't help how I feel about the game.

Enigma_20992217d ago

He wants to play a Need for Speed game, not Burnout. Which will be more difficult seeing as how the Burnout guys are the ones making the game. If they release another Burnout game, it'll be even more WTF...

BadCircuit2218d ago

I still like the arcady racers over the serious ones for pure fun. This one sure is getting diverse review scores which is interesting.

DeusExer2218d ago

I'm not keen on having everything unlocked from the beginning. Feels like challenge has been taken away.

gaminoz2218d ago

Challenge? I wanna Ferrari now! Then I'll do the challenging! :P

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2217d ago

It does kinda feel like a watered down burnout paradise. Biggest difference though is the coppers. Paradise had them but it was through dlc and only in one mode. Most wanted is still really fun. I'd give it an 8.5. It still manages to be a need for speed game but with a touch of burnout vibe.

Belgavion2217d ago

Reading this makes me want to play Paradise again!

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