I Want to See Killzone 4 Right Now

"Killzone 4 has an opportunity, not just to wow PlayStation fans who are beginning to hunger for the next generation of hardware but to drive a stake into the ground and declare itself the standard for true next gen shooters."

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WeskerChildReborned1754d ago

I'd rather see Killzone 4 on the PS4 so it can have more power to make it an awesome game.

LOGICWINS1754d ago

I'd rather see Killzone 4 on the PS3 so GG can work with a system that they already have plenty of experience with.

We had three Uncharted games and three Resistance games this gen. No reason why we can't have a third Killzone game for the PS3.

GG's new IP will likely be on the PS4 though.

JoGam1753d ago

Naw dude. PS4. We don't need KZ4 on ps3. PS3 can stand without it. Beside imagine the possibilities kz4 can have on ps4. If they can pull off that CG video type of game but better and in-game that will sell ps4 day one.

Abash1753d ago

Killzone 2, the first Killzone on PS3, was released in 2009 while Uncharted 1 and Resistance 1 are from 2006/2007 which is the first full year of the PS3. Thats a big difference

With Guerrilla Games also making Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita there is no need for another Killzone on PS3. Killzone 4 should be developed and prepped to be *the* shooter to play when you buy a PS4 with it launching early in the PS4's life cycle

gaffyh1753d ago

I'd prefer they work on PS4 and make it a launch title. With the amount studios Sony has got that haven't released a game for a while, they could have an immense amount of launch exclusives for PS4. I really hope that is the case.

DA_SHREDDER1753d ago

maybe more map packs, i don't know about a whole new game when all they ship is 10 maps per game.

BattleAxe1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


I agree, that's been my biggest issue with Killzone. Its a great game, but they never release enough content for it, and they drop support 3-6 months after the game releases. If it weren't for those things, I think that the Killzone series would be a bigger hit.

ChronoJoe1753d ago

If you read the article it's about Killzone 4 on PS4 not PS3, not sure what you guys are arguing about. I imagine most of Sony's studio's would be working on PS4 games now, so anything big from Guerilla games would obviously be for next generations hardware.

krisq1753d ago

KZ4 won't be on PS3. It'll be a launch title. E3 reveal along with PS4 is most probable.

HappyGaming1753d ago

There is a reason...
Killzone 2 was released in 2009
followed by
Killzone 3 in 2011

Uncharted 1 was released way earlier in 2007
2 in 2009
and 3 in 20011

So even if we had a Killzone 4 the real question
would be why dont we also have another Uncharted since they both take 2 years to produce.

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Sizzon1753d ago

I agree, KZ4 on the PS4 would be better.

LOGICWINS1753d ago

Guess I should start saving up then :/

colonel1791753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

It will definitely be on PS4. Sony knows it needs to have a great launch lineup, and the first and second waves of games have to be great. They will probably announce the console with heavy hitters like Uncharted 4 and Killzone 4 for launch window. Maybe inFamous 3 and another known franchise.

Jazz41081753d ago

Lets take the time to talk about a imaginary game in a imaginary console. Movez on.

pain777pas1753d ago

KZ4 needs to be a PS4 launch title. THe consistent #s on this series makes it the premier 1st party FPS on the system. Resistance sold more over all but the numbers dropped with each iteration whereas there is still interest in this series right now more than Resistance. KZ still has potential. Resistance can rebound but they need to stick with one main character or sort out the story for the game ALONG with the game design like the first game. I know R3 is probably good but R2 disappointed in the story whereas KZ series is a visual tour de force that I like to play and just needs a strong story midst very good enenmy designs, AI, weapons and such. protagonists need to be refined but we love to hate Rico and I don't mind him but use UC as a template and Dragon age origins in having convos during traversal which was done sporatically in KZ2 but not enough to make you have those these characters are cool or make me care about the characters.

JsonHenry1753d ago

Investors rarely allow a big budget AAA with such a high profile as KZ to a launch title. They want the install base to be large enough that it sells a crazy high number the first week to be able to say "OMG GUYS!! LOOK HOW MANY UNITS WE SOLD!! TIME FOR OUR STOCK PRICES TO GO UP AGAIN!!"

AfricanGamer9ja1753d ago

It is not just about seeing killzone4 it is also about hoping we dont see a repeat off killzone3. Im sure im not the only killzone gamer who tought killzone3 was a let down compared to killzone2. Killzone3 was like arcade gaming compared to killonze2. I dont even get me started about the downgrades in multiplayer options compared to killzone2.

stage881753d ago

I thought KZ3 was great. Definitely preferred the single player a lot more but multiplayer was better on KZ2.

bobtheimpaler1753d ago

I agree. Kz3 was bitch made. Completely dumbed down and without an identity of its own. Gunplay is so limp in kz3 and the game lacks those random moments that can happen by accident that makes kz2 such a thrill to play through. They needs to dump the cod and Michael bay influences and make it gritty and grounded again and bring back the depth of gameplay that's missing in kz3. Fro. A gameplay stand point at least kz2 is a much more superior game. All the on rails and scripted bits felt forced in part 3 and were very uninspired.

Sithlord-Gamble1753d ago

I agree with everyone above me. KZ3 was good, but KZ2 was better.
Any true diehard KZ fan would agree. The only ones who would disagree are the converted COD players.
KZ2 took skill & teamwork to win in MP. KZ3 lacked both.

XboxInnovation1753d ago

Yeah because power decides how good a game is. Killzone just sucks, it always has. It's a franchise that never lived up to its hype that why people still get excited for it, they're expecting it to finally live up to it, but it never will.

stage881753d ago

Congratulations, you've earned a disagree and bubble down from everyone.

The killzone series are a great set of games that have bought me many hours of fun.

Kennytaur1753d ago

KZ2 multiplayer was one of the best FPS MPs I've played.

ZombieNinjaPanda1753d ago

Killzone 2 was a wonderful game. It had its own unique feeling to it, and that's what made it stand out and become a favorite among many people.

Killzone 3 is where it got "CODified".

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Shikoro1753d ago

You know, I think that's what the author was trying to say: to show us a trailer which will be representative of the quality of Killzone 4 running on the PS4. Could be mistaken, but...

Bathyj1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )


KZ4 needs to be a launch title on PS4 and it needs to wow people.
I first time I saw Halo I said I NEED to have an Xbox, and I went right out and got one. Thats what Killzone needs to do.

And bring back secondary fire please. I can only assume it unbalanced the multiplayer or something and they ditched it, but I dont give a rats about that. Some of KZ1's weapons were the best ever.

Eyeco1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

The biggest problem i've always had with Killzone games is that they've never ever been as good as they could have been , they always scrape the bare minimum of what makes a great shooter.

Bathyj if Killzone 4 wants to "wow" people this is all they have to do, go back to what made Killzone 2 great and just add and refine everything

*Longer campaign, just because every FPS scrapes a shameful 4 hour campaign doesnt, mean the premium PS3 shooter should, at least 8 hours please.

*Better campaign, really they've had 3 games yet we know almost nothing about this universe, who are the real Helghan's ,what were the Helghan's doing before the war, sitting down jerking off, staring at the clouds fantasising over there great leader ?

wheres the women and children, families ? schools, farmers, intellects, doctors, workers, how do they live, what music do they listen to, movies, musicians , whats there religion ? an entire universe 4 games and all we've seen are soldiers and generals, explore the morality of war, better characters, come one GG you have a unique concept make use of it.

*More online maps

*Better online community support

*I honestly feel that Killzone should play more like Battlefield

*Vehicles , i'm tiered of ground wars, its just boring

*Forge mode/ level editor or even level creator

*better customisation

*online co-op

*fire fight/ survival mode thats highly customisable

*spec ops/ challenge modes

*better variety/ balanced guns.. almost everyone uses the ISA rifle and theres a reason for that

*Better user interface KZ3 had a horrible interface


* Better class balancing

All GG has to do is add all the above to Killzone 2's solid gameplay and blueprints and you've got what could very well be a classic FPS.

SilentNegotiator1753d ago

As much as I enjoyed KZ2 and 3, I can definitely wait for another. I've had it with shooters.

geth1gh1753d ago

I don't think you read past the title...

The author agrees with you, he is just stating that he wants to see the gampelay now.

Kennytaur1753d ago

How about actually reading the article or at least skimming through it before commenting?