Why Didn’t Anyone Use Facebook or Twitter on the Xbox 360? In a Word, Screenshots.

Kotaku - I am an inveterate Twitter-er, with the second-most Tweets of anyone on Kotaku's staff. I'll interrupt a game to bash out a 140-character punchline to something that just happened or occurred to me in one. It's just my nature. After locking myself out of my bathroom and resolving the matte

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OneAboveAll2012d ago

Because the dashboard is a sluggish, ad riddled piece of crap?

(Generation 2 360 dash is still the best!)

EVILDEAD3602012d ago

You clearly don't own the current dash if your pretending it's anywhere close to sluggish and ad riddled when there is simply a small box that says ad that you literally have to click on to see the ad.

But nice try though..

I'd honestly use Facebook and Twitter through my 36 mostly to see the pics. But, if your already watching TV or on your Xbox it is a simple way to check your stuff without opening turning on your desktop or laptop.


OneAboveAll2012d ago

Been in the new dash beta for a while now. You clearly must be blind if you don't see all the ads on the dashboard.

And yea, it is slow. The boot time has increased dramatically since the last dash.

Nice try... bro.

Virus2012012d ago

It's N4G, the first rule on this site is to never say anything good about the Xbox 360 and never talk about Wii and PC. I see no problem with the dashboard and people just overreact about the ads. In the last dashboard layout, the ad was only in the bottom right corner** and people on this site said that the dashboard was "full of ads". All that negativity has built a reputation for this site of being a PS3 fanboy's site. I just come for the news and leave.


insomnium22012d ago


Yes this site has always been and always will be only for PS3 fanboys. Could you please leave us alone now?

Blacktric2011d ago

Hey EVIL do you know when or if we'll see a new Banjo Kazooie game? I'm asking because you're clearly a part of Microsoft's PR department so you may have some info on that.

maniacmayhem2011d ago


You mean all the ads that market what is actually available on Live? Because besides the small little box in the corner that sometimes advertises something else those are the only ads I see.
Nice try to you also though.

But I do agree that the boot time for the new dash is slow, so I guess we can agree on one thing.

And how come whenever Evil says something positive about MS /360 he gets labeled as a PR person. Is it not allowed on this site to have a personal preference of a system?

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Thatguy-3102012d ago

Because we already have access through our phones or any mobile divice. I mean even if we didn't have a mobile device I think the computer is everyone's go to choice. If we didn't have a computer then i guess i could rely on the xbox but clearly that isn't the case.

Blaze9292011d ago

I thought it was cool to see who from your Facebook friends had an Xbox LIVE account and vise-verse. But loading it was just a waste of time. If it was streamlined somehow, then great

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blue_cheese2012d ago

because its a gaming im not addicted to facebook or twitter so i could stand not checking or using either while im gaming. now ask me about netflix or hulu and i will admittedly say i am addicted, sometimes choosing one of the two over playing a game.

kingPoS2012d ago

I feel you on that. Sometimes the first thing I do when I turn on my ps3, is fire up the web browser.

manman62012d ago

The reason why no one use the app was because they could their phone which probably always on them. Why waste time using the Xbox app when you could be playing game on the Xbox and be on Facebook on your phone. AT THR SAME DAMN TIME.

attilayavuzer2012d ago

Cause typing with a controller sucks...maybe with smart glass

HappyWithOneBubble2012d ago

Consoles are for gaming and that's all they should be for.

Hufandpuf2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

What about music, movies, pictures? I play music from discs, watch dvds, and view pictures on my console so why should they not keep improving the machine?

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