Ragnarok Odyssey Director Discusses Which Vita Features Have Been Underutilized

Spencer of Siliconera - The PlayStation Vita is a powerful piece of hardware and developers like Ragnarok Odyssey director Kazuhiro Irie are just starting to tap into. Since Game Arts has been one of the biggest Vita supporters with three titles already on the market, I asked Irie what features of the Vita are underutilized.

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medziarz2018d ago


with this triple-A trio the Vita is going to rock;
add to that the excellent LBP:V and U:GA,
the serviceable annual sports: Madden, FIFA and MLB:TS,
the AAA fighters: MK, MvC, SFxT,
the AAA JRPGS: P4:G, Ragnarok,
the other Sony franchises: R:BS, MNR, W2048,
the exclusive games: Escape plan, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice,
many other games, bigger and smaller,
and finally the PSP library as well as PS1 classics,

and we get the most COMPLETE lineup for the first year of a console EVER,

but that want stop the ANTY SONY LOOM, GLOOM, and BASHING thats been going on every year for the last 6 years!!!

GreenRanger2018d ago

But ze Vita, he is-how do you say?-DOOMED! /s

Grenade2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Bubble for that.

3-4-52018d ago

Yea I mainly want a Vita for the PSP + PSone games but I'm excited to see what get's released on the Vita. They have a solid gaming library so far. It's not good, but it doesn't suck either.

Vita will be good.

DivineAssault 2017d ago

NO man! that cant be true! Vita doesnt have any games!! *sarcasm* im going to be blasting cash for a while.. Contrary to what ppl may fool themselves to think, vita has too many games for me to keep up with..

miyamoto2014d ago

The game is not even out here in NA yet and he is talking about a bigger sequel to Ragana, PVP, better game presentation, a bigger game ... nice.

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vikingland12018d ago

I can't wait for Ragnarok Oddyssey.

tarbis2018d ago

It's coming out the same day as ZOE HD. Oh my wallet..... T_T

LiViNgLeGaCY2017d ago

Two more weeks......

Two more weeks and it will be mine. Oh yes, it WILL be mine.

XabiDaChosenOne2017d ago

It hasn't even been a year for this platform yet look at the amount of games its getting this holiday season alone.
Assassins Creed- Liberations
Street FighterXTekken
COD:BOD "Even though it looks like garbage to me but to eah his own"
The Vita is here to stay folks!

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