Gone With the Wii: Top 7 Wii RPGs

The Wii played home to some interesting RPGs, and as the clock winds down on the console, Nerds on the Rocks shares the 7 best.

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zdkapl2234d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles is so far my pick for GOTY. Any one who owns a Wii and hasn't played it is doing them selves a disservice.

Irishguy952234d ago

I've tried it, but stopped playign just because I got stuck/ My question is, does the gameplay eventually stop being what it is? Like...For what I played(up until Zord at the bottom of the mine) it was like that for the whole time/

Well, reading over that i'm not being very clear, it's basically an MMO with different combat and not Massive multiplayer, but it's full of hunting/fetch quests. I'm just curious anyway/ I'm sure it also has an Awesome story(from what i've played, yes it was awesome)

GameTavern2234d ago

The game never really radically diverts from that formula.

You get characters later on who change how you play the game, but that's about it.

leahcim2234d ago

XENOBLADE best RPG this gen

hands down

Perjoss2234d ago

Not played Xenoblabe, but I think Lost Odyssey deserves a mention, that game was brilliant!

Relientk772234d ago

Xenoblade is the best RPG on the Wii, in my opinion

Relientk772234d ago

As far as RPGs on the Wii go definitely Xenoblade Chronicles is the best for the system