Grid 2 is a visual masterpiece, at least on PC | PS3 Attitude

PS3A says: "Grid 2 impressed onlookers at this year’s Eurogamer Expo – no doubt about it. With its dazzling visuals and intelligent physics, the game has the potential to be something special.

It is due out next summer on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but this impressive demo that captivated many wandering eyes was played on PC. Console versions were nowhere to be seen, which led us to wonder if we’re about to have another Battlefield 3 situation on our hands."

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nutcrackr2183d ago

How was the cockpit view?

seanoc2183d ago

Controversially, it doesn't have one. The developer says not enough people use it to justify the cost. That disappoints me but there is at least a bumper cam.

KosmoCrisis2183d ago

Bumper cam is when they want you to feel the speed and heighten the intensity of the race. But cockpit view is necessary for giving you that in-control feeling as a driver has when holding the steering wheel.

Neonridr2183d ago

Wow, talk about detail. 100% actual reflections of the world on the front hood. You could even see the reflection of the mustang as he pulled up beside and eventually passed.

No way the 360/PS3 versions are going to have that much detail - not if they hope to even have 30 frames per second. I'd be surprised to see what kind of visuals they could get out of a possible Wii U release. But PC looks like the way to go on this one to enjoy the best quality visuals..

Bordel_19002182d ago

PS3 and X360 are yesterdays news with outdated graphics.

mcstorm2183d ago

Looks good but this type of game for me is not about how it looks for me gt and forza are the games that need to look stunning. Grid for me is all about game play and fun impact when playing the game as its not a sim. Looks help but even if it did not look that good it would not put me off buying it.

ame222183d ago

I haven't been following this one closely, but from the few recent trailers, much like NFS pursuit, I get the impression that it's a open world racing game, so true or false?

Daves2183d ago

False, not open world, more city, point to point and circuits. Open world would be Forza Horizon.

Daves2183d ago

Bonnet cam all the way, I just hate sitting off to the side in the drivers seat, and being from the UK, as with most games I'm usually on the wrong side!

Having said that, I'd use cockpit cam in dirt3 when driving the Suzuki SX4, seat in the center. :)