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Submitted by Tripe_Down 1230d ago | news

Need for Speed: Most Wanted - PS Vita Version confirmed again for end of October

According to the latest release list of Electronic Arts, Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PlayStation Vita arrives on end of October. (Need for Speed Most Wanted, PS Vita)

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Beetey  +   1230d ago
YES! These next few months are exactly what the Vita needs.
Knight_Crawler  +   1230d ago
Meh...will wait For Gran Turismo VITA
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sloth3395  +   1230d ago
2 different styles of games
ForRealz17  +   1230d ago
Doesn't change the fact that Gran Turismo is better.
MrBeatdown  +   1230d ago

Better at being a sim.

If I want arcade racing, GT would be my last choice.
ForRealz17  +   1230d ago
GT is still a better game no matter how you try to put it.
MrBeatdown  +   1230d ago
I'm not sure what I should be taking issue with... the fact that you are passing judgment on a game that hasn't even been released, or the fact that you are trying to objectively compare two games that are nothing alike aside from the fact that you drive cars in both.
badz149  +   1229d ago
dude, you're starting to get annoying! WTF is wrong with you?
Qrphe  +   1230d ago
That's perfect, I wasn't going to buy this game at all since there was no Vita version coming out this year. I guess Spy Hunter will have to wait after all.
jek7  +   1230d ago
yes! ill buy this day 1!
Remmulak  +   1230d ago
Why is EA not promoting the PS Vita on It doesn't make sense.
portal_2  +   1229d ago
Really, FIFA?
SandWitch  +   1230d ago
Yay, great news
morkendo23  +   1230d ago
Mostwanted was boring, open world games not fun. cant wait 2 see next blackbox studio NFS has to offer hopefully HOTPURSUIT 3, HIGH STAKES 2
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tachy0n  +   1229d ago
FYI BlackBox Studio is no more, dont even expect any kind of the old NFS coming back, the closest you can get now is with Need For Speed World.

Trust me i play NFS World and the BlackBox Studio Developers themselves communicate with us a lot (Marc De Vellis, NFSDrew etc..)

they are QuickLime Games now and the staff got changed a lot.

they gonna try to put the maps of all previous NFS into World in the upcoming years.
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wastedcells  +   1230d ago
This game apparently is the same as the console version. Maybe with less effects but still Crazy for a handheld.
CernaML  +   1229d ago
Dang, too many good games coming out for the Vita. DjMAX Technika Tune, Most Wanted and ACIII Liberation. Dang car payments!
memots  +   1229d ago
But teh interweb saying tath teh vita haz no games ,,, teh doom ..


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