Need for Speed: Most Wanted - PS Vita Version confirmed again for end of October

According to the latest release list of Electronic Arts, Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PlayStation Vita arrives on end of October.

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Beetey1756d ago

YES! These next few months are exactly what the Vita needs.

Knight_Crawler1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Meh...will wait For Gran Turismo VITA

sloth33951755d ago

2 different styles of games

ForRealz171755d ago

Doesn't change the fact that Gran Turismo is better.

MrBeatdown1755d ago


Better at being a sim.

If I want arcade racing, GT would be my last choice.

ForRealz171755d ago

GT is still a better game no matter how you try to put it.

MrBeatdown1755d ago

I'm not sure what I should be taking issue with... the fact that you are passing judgment on a game that hasn't even been released, or the fact that you are trying to objectively compare two games that are nothing alike aside from the fact that you drive cars in both.

badz1491755d ago

dude, you're starting to get annoying! WTF is wrong with you?

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Qrphe1755d ago

That's perfect, I wasn't going to buy this game at all since there was no Vita version coming out this year. I guess Spy Hunter will have to wait after all.

jek71755d ago

yes! ill buy this day 1!

Remmulak1755d ago

Why is EA not promoting the PS Vita on It doesn't make sense.

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