New PS3 super slim: Direct size comparison, and the new machine examined from every angle

GR: So the new PS3 super slim has been officially unveiled just previous to the opening of the Tokyo Game Show. We already have the launch and pricing details elsewhere on the site, so we're dedicating this article to examining the new machine in detail, from every angle currently made available by Sony's multitudinous press shots.

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Shok1978d ago

I like it's design, but the Phat still looks the best to me. Can't beat the originals.

Derekvinyard131978d ago

phat design was beautiful. sharp piano black. THIS looks like a cheep piece of plastic, that sound it makes when it opens just sounds like cheep plastic parts being hit together. slim is without a doubt superior. can anyone tell me why this unit is still over $200 ps3 slim was 25% smaller now this is 25% smaller 50% smaller yet still the same price wtf?

NastyLeftHook01978d ago

i like the design, it has like this/bladerunner roadwarrior beastly look to it, and the class of a romance novel all combined in a euphoric melody reaching my minds bliss.

SaffronCurse1978d ago

=__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__=

a_bro1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

=__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__==__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__= =__=

Anyways....I had to get rid of my Original 60gb PS3 since it was already making loud noises...It had a good run, but its time to upgrade... its funny, back in the day, consoles never messed up like these days...

longcat1978d ago

Time to put that crack pipe down son

Neckbear1978d ago

It just reminds me of those PS3 grill jokes, honestly.

cyberninja1978d ago

I don't care what people say, this new model looks sexy.

AznGaara1978d ago

Still nothing on whether or not the non-12gb model can change HDDs. I don't even see a slot to where one would go.

dazzrazz1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Yes, but now you apparently have to buy official "mounting bracket" which will most likely cost around $30. My bad I thought you were asking about 12GB model.

dazzrazz1978d ago

Atari 2600 ! Sony went cheap with that sliding blur ray panel 0_o

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