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Borderlands 2 – Easy Multi-Character Leveling and Better Loot

Are you playing Borderlands 2 yet? NO?! Go get it now! Ok, now that we got that out of the way, there is a very simple way to level multiple characters as well as get better loot for your characters. Once you load into Pandora and before you start shooting skags and psychos, you may be wondering which character class to start as, well now you don’t really have to choose. (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

taz8080  +   942d ago
I don't remember if this holds true for the first one as well.
soljah  +   942d ago
interesting so this means u get to level 2 characters at once.then use 1 for a offline playthru and 1 to take online with friends. not bad
ddelella  +   942d ago
This was present in the first one but the other players only received a small amount of XP compared to the person who got the kill. They should have implemented an auto boot if a player is not moving for a period of time, like GoW3 did for multiplayer.
Bathyj  +   942d ago
So does this mean you play in splitscreen but by yourself?
taz8080  +   942d ago
Exactly right.
Bathyj  +   942d ago
Hmm. Nice trick, but its not for me.

I'll use a formula I use when comparing weapons in Borderlands.

I dont just go off damage, you have to factor rate of fire as well.

So a gun with 20 damage that shoots at a rate of 10 equalling 200 is better than a gun with 30 damage shooting at 6 to equal 180.

Even though the later does more damage per bullet, its doing less damage per second.

In this case leveling up double the amount of characters would not be worth it to me personally since it would more than half my enjoyment of the game.

Still a cool trick though.
taz8080  +   942d ago
In this one you get full xp and money. There is no boot for inactive players either.
Rykoshet  +   942d ago
Today I took five friends to twenty by just doing hyperion arena.
xPhearR3dx  +   942d ago
Whats the point in that? Ruining a game the day it comes out. I can see if they beat the game already or something, but power leveling n day 1? Those are the people who bitch saying X game is boring when its their own fault.

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