Is Rocksmith Better Than Your Guitar Instructor?

No more button mashing and no more hokey plastic peripheral devices. That’s the aim of Ubisoft’s upcoming music title Rocksmith – an ambitious game that aims to teach absolute musical novices how to play the guitar and replace ‘Guitar Hero Syndrome’ with true sound and real-world ability.

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majiebeast2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I wouldnt know cause Ubisoft didnt release it in europe. Lol they released it here 13september my bad better late then never. Its prob cheaper then a instructor but not better.

Omnislash2102d ago

Im taking a guitar class but I havent tried Rocksmith, I dont think Rocksmith can replace an instructor. I do think that the game can be fun for someone that already plays guitar at a beginner-intermediate level. If the game is what they claim it is, it can be a really fun digital song book.

Reverent2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Honestly, I find that Rocksmith does a much better job at teach (beginners at least) than an instructor. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and I've tought a good number of people how to play but for most people, it's a fairly slow process. A friend called me up one day telling me about this game. He ended up convincing me to buy it and to my surprise, the game is really fun. It was also nice that I could just plug in my Ibanez and start playing. For me, I feel like I'm somewhere in between Intermediate and Advanced, and even then, the game actually helped me with some pacing issues I've always struggled with. Anyways, after having some fun with the game, I decided to try and have some of the kids I teach try it out. Maybe I'm just not that great of a teacher, but for the most part, they were getting the hang of the instrument better off with the game than with me teaching them... At least until they got to a certain point. So what I'm saying is; Yes, the game won't be as useful once you get to the intermediate level, but it DEFINITELY gets a beginner used to the guitar and teaches them everything they need to know about it to becoming very good at it, and not to mention making my life easier.

Omnislash2102d ago

Before I took my class I was seriously considering going for broke and buying a Les Paul and this game. I might still do that later on depending on what others say about it.

Reverent2102d ago

Well the Les Paul is an amazing guitar, especially if we're talking vintage, (Although epiphones are fine too). But yeah, I'd heavily recommend this game to you. Even if your intention isn't to get better at guitar with it, it's still a much more fun alternative to practicing over sitting around playing to a metronome.

EazyC2102d ago

For someone who is new to guitar, that very well may be the case. But Rockstar won't really teach you how to, like, improvise a good solo. A good teacher can! :D