Daily Reaction: How Did Sony’s gamescom Stack Up?

Today’s big topic is, obviously, Sony’s gamescom conference, which saw a whole host of new reveals and even a few surprises. But were Sony’s reveals big enough to push the Vita to success? Were we given something to forward to on our PS3s? See what we think, right here on Daily Reaction. - PSLS

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alexcosborn2163d ago

Nothing too exciting on the PS3 front, but I'm glad to see more Vita support.

dbjj120882163d ago

So happy to see the Vita on stage at all.

knifefight2163d ago

I love my Vita and really hope that it can pick up some steam.

(It's still early...still early...still early, knifefight, no need to panic....)

Morrigan-Aensland2163d ago

Sony basically showed why they are the best video game company. They brought games and showed them while others don't even know when a new console that is launching this year is going to be release or what the price will be. Sony showed that they have software to cater to all and not just some. They sorted hardcore, casuals, and the soso.

doctorstrange2163d ago

Absolutely, they're leaving this gen with a bang.

yabhero2163d ago

I think we all know who your referencing troll.
But really Sony did a good job with the Vita and some nice PS3 announcements.

doctorstrange2163d ago

I was definitely pleasantly surprised, and Sony even managed to keep a game secret!

vividi2163d ago

I loved the all stars reveals, Puppeteer, Rain and the MOVE horror game, for me it was super awesome and all of the vita related, promotions and features, much better than E3

ASTAROTH2163d ago

Vaya Vividi!! que bien mascas el ingles!!! LOL! Anyway I was surprised with KILLZONE MERCENARY... Im a big KZ fan. As a MOVE suporter since launch I have to say that this is a game that could make some people think more seriously about the MOVE. Sorcery was a great game too and this looks really good. For the rest Im still watching but I have to say that CALL OF DUTY VITA really sucks hard!! Te veo online!!

vividi2163d ago

mega LOL, who are you?

AngelicIceDiamond2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Sony now has an even stronger line up with PSN titles and FINALLY some Move titles along with Vita and core games. Sony's in a strong position right now, and has even outshined there E3 conference in my opinion, people seemed to be allot more satisfied now.

Protagonist2163d ago

Almost 45 minutes of PSVITA, that was awesome!!

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The story is too old to be commented.