Xbox Live Update: Week Of August 7th, 2012 – Hybrid, The Orange Box, MW3 Collection 3

Joining the latest Summer of Arcade 2012 title, Hybrid, is one of the greatest values in video games. For just $20, you can now download The Orange Box on Xbox Live, which bundles together 5 different games, including Portal and Half-Life 2.

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TrendyGamers2051d ago

I'm just glad that The Orange Box is at the MSRP and not a higher price. Every needs to own it.

ChunkyLover532051d ago

I never got into Half Life, I have literally tried to play through that game about 12 times, I just cant get into it at all.

BaconBits2051d ago

1200 ms points for MW3 pack #3? I would like to see some reduction of these packs now that it has been out for a long while. Even 800 points would be nice.

BringingTheThunder2051d ago

once i beat sound shapes, its on to hybrid

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palaeomerus2051d ago

I'm going to give Hybrid a try as soon as they put it up to buy.