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PSN Summer Sale Starts Tuesday, Bonus Discounts for Plus Members

Posted by Paul Sullivan // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

On Tuesday, July 3rd PSN begins offering up the hottest deals of the season! The Summer Sale is coming – choose from 11 great titles, all on sale for 30% off and available at a straight up scorching 50% off for PlayStation Plus Members. Go to the PlayStation Store beginning Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 through Monday, July 9th 2012 and beat the heat with these sizzlin’ summer deals! If gorgeous classics like Shadow of the Colossus or fan favorites like inFAMOUS Festival of Blood are on your gamer radar, then Tuesday can’t come quick enough! (Closure, Crysis, Gotham City Impostors, InFamous: Festival of Blood, Jurassic Park: The Game, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, PS3, Shadow of the Colossus, The House of the Dead 3, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem)

DeletedAcc  +   752d ago
SO... HOOTT!!!


1st minute: 400 degrees
2nd minute:800 degrees
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Emilio_Estevez  +   752d ago
I have most of these, but there are still a few I might pick up. NBA Jam , Gotham City Impostors and Closure all seem interesting.

Anyone know if Gotham City Impostors still has an online community on PS3? That could be a deciding factor.
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WildArmed  +   752d ago
I havn't heard too many good things about the Gotham city community. It's on the low-end, although this sale will probably give it a nice boost.
darthv72  +   752d ago
renegade ops...
is a fun game. I love the cheesy A-team type dialog.

Pick it up if you have not already done so. Plus, the expansion is worth getting as well.
Holeran  +   752d ago
Gotham City Impostors is a lot of fun. Worth it in my opinion.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   752d ago
I played Gotham City Impostors few weeks ago, and I had no problem finding matches.
BattleAxe  +   752d ago
It would be nice if they rotated the deals everyday like Steam does. Sony's summer sale is a little bit anti-climactic. Its strange that they've managed to come out with their sale before Steam has this year.
doogiebear  +   752d ago
look, i'm glad for the summer sale and all that stuff, but what are the 3 FREE games we're supposed to get this month? It's suppose to rotate 3 games each month out of the 12 from the previous.

I already own most of the games from the summer sale. So what are our freebies! >_<
erick21093  +   751d ago
In one of the comments, they say that update is coming in the next batch
doogiebear  +   751d ago
What update? Please explain what u mean please
guitarded77  +   752d ago
I have most of them, but I'm thinking about Closure... can anyone tell me anything good about it? Also, is Real Steel worth $5? Thank's.

@ FunAndGames
Hmmm... demo you say. Genius!!!
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FunAndGun  +   752d ago
not sure if you are aware, there is a demo for Closure on the store.

I haven't played it yet however.
guitarded77  +   752d ago
I just remembered I had played this on PC... Didn't really like it. Here's a link to play it for anyone interested in playing it for free.

SilentNegotiator  +   752d ago
"is Real Steel worth $5?"

Probably not. It scored terribly and the fact that it's a licensed movie game is another clue.
TheLastGuardian  +   752d ago
I might get Closure.

Try the PS3 demo. It's a lot different from the flash game you posted.
Farsendor1  +   752d ago
hmm this is very interesting seems like everyone is having a sale but valves steam.

come on valve get it together
STONEY4  +   752d ago
They have a yearly summer sale that's crazier than all the others. It's just... late considering it's always been on the last Thursday of June. There were a few registry updates with "Summer 2012" attatched to it a couple days ago, so it's definitely coming.

But it's almost as if... the Steam sale is following Valve Time. D:
Farsendor1  +   752d ago
i know i have been apart of the steam summer sale since it was introduced in 2010.

just surprised it didn't start this week.
WildArmed  +   752d ago
Picking up inFAMOUS and Shadow Of Colossus. 15$ is a steal for both! :D
guitarded77  +   752d ago
Both excellent and worth the full retail price, so to get them on the cheap is even better. Have fun!
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WildArmed  +   752d ago
I'll be sad on missing out on Ico. Thou maybe I can pick that up on another sale.
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smoothdude  +   752d ago
Shadow of Colossus for me, along with Crysis and Jurassic Park. Since I never owned a PS2, and am dying to try Shadow of Colossus.
Nevers  +   752d ago
Yeah... I just texted a friend about SotC being on sale.
homer  +   752d ago
I only have like 14.50 in my wallet. D: Can't they lower it just 30 more cents so I can get both? Pretty please? :(
Fel08  +   752d ago
Can't wait to see what free games we are going to be getting next month.
WildArmed  +   752d ago
I'm really liking the E3 Winners discounts they have been doing for PS+.
DeFFeR  +   752d ago
Do we know when the list/promotion comes out?
Moncole  +   752d ago
I wonder if people posting here ever seen a Steam sale. Games are 10%-80% off during the Steam sale.
WildArmed  +   752d ago
That's why it's awesome that console services are taking a step in the right direction.

Steam services tend to make 40$ games 5$, haha. Gotta love Valve.

50% discounts are very good news, hope to see higher ones down the road.
Ducky  +   752d ago
A 1-to-1 comparison on prices alone might give Steam the upper hand, but when you consider other things such as the 'free' games PS+ members get, then the savings offered by the two services even out.

SpaceMarine is 75% off this weekend on Steam, and I would've bought it had I not already had it from PS+.
That's $7 saved thanks to Sony.
On the other hand, I got all of Crysis+DLC for $5 on steam, so that's $5 saved thanks to Steam.

It's win-win all around.
Hicken  +   752d ago
I wonder if a Steam sale has anything to do with console sales. Given the difference in the platform types, it's kinda not possible to do the same sales as Steam all the time on consoles.

Would have made more sense if you had compared it to an XBL sale, honestly.
BrutallyBlunt  +   752d ago
Games are games and often they share the same games, Hicken. Not everyone needs to fuel this console war between the PS3 and XBOX360 like you seem to enjoy on a daily basis. Steam is also a free online service unlike XBOX Live and Plus, yet often still has cheaper sales.
Hicken  +   752d ago
... some people try so hard to be contrary.

I guess in order for them to understand, the differences between consoles and PC would have to be spelled out in their entirety, from development to profits to reliance on retail.

Console developers, for example, can't do digital sales like PC developers can, because there's a reliance on retailers to sell the consoles. If Sony were to have a bunch of undercutting sales on digital versions of games, retailers would suffer; retailers that weren't making much or any profit off software could then threaten to not sell the hardware. That's why, for example, digital Vita games aren't that much lower in price than retail copies.

Since the PS3 and 360 are in the same boat in this regard, it would make more sense to compare them, as opposed to making a comparison to Steam, where the games can be 75% off and not have much of an impact on retail sales.

Some people see comparisons and competitions and can't help but be antagonistic in their thoughts. Other people actually see both the pros and cons of such situations, though. It seems that LevelHead is not one of the latter, but of the former.
Ducky  +   752d ago
"retailers that weren't making much or any profit off software could then threaten to not sell the hardware"

Doesn't make much sense for them to do that when retailers also make profit over hardware sales.

The games that are on steam sales are also available on retail. So I really don't see why any retailer would try to shoot their own foot by just refusing to sell a particular console's hardware/software simply because the digital store offers low prices during sales.

Both digital and retail have their advantages, and I'd figure retail can survive pretty easily as a lot of people just prefer physical purchases and having the freedom to trade-in their old games.
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vividi  +   752d ago
Crysis for me
smoothdude  +   752d ago
YES, sir!
DRiX  +   752d ago
Is anyone still playing the Killzone 3 multiplayer?
Ducky  +   752d ago
It still does have an active userbase, and given the sale, the number of players will likely increase.

I have some annoyances with the game balance, but it's still a fun game to play especially with friends.
DRiX  +   752d ago
I played the Multiplayer Demo a few months ago and loved it that's why I asked.

Thanks a lot. I'll probably get it. :)
smoothdude  +   752d ago
I got off MP for Killzone 3 as the team balancing was bad. I would constantly enter matches where it would be 2 against 7 or 1 against 5. I was so mad that I ended up selling the game, but once the MP came out as a DLC, I bought it.

It is my favorite multiplayer experience. You can't go wrong for the sale price.
pixelsword  +   752d ago
Oh, yeah; you can get a lot of games in Warzone and Ops, I don't know about the other one because I don't play that a lot.
DRiX  +   752d ago
Thanks, bubbles for you. :)
Liefx  +   752d ago
Great time for my PS3 to be stolen -.-
Hicken  +   752d ago
My condolences...
Liefx  +   750d ago
Yeah they stole 2 ps3's, but left the Wii and Xbox. At least they had good taste.
demetreHG  +   752d ago
So sorry bro that sucks =(
demetreHG  +   752d ago
Dam I want the jurassic Park =D
KontryBoy706  +   752d ago
PS+ feeling good ;) just waiting to DL Shadow of the Colossus. Looking forward to it
nevin1  +   752d ago
Why no ICO?
wirapuru  +   751d ago
I agree.. doesn't make much sense after HD bundle in disc. I'll get it anyways =] what a joy
cfountain  +   752d ago
gonna pick up Shadow of The Colossus HD.

Wish they would have had ICO too but this still works.
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solar  +   752d ago
i believe everyone should have access to great deals, not just those who spend more money then others. i am really not liking this premium subscription trend that has started.
smoothdude  +   752d ago
I feel so spoiled by Sony being a Plus member. This month has been the best so far. Can't wait to see what's in store fore next month.
Holeran  +   752d ago
For sure Festival of Blood for me but I'm also contemplating The House of the Dead 3 to see if it's good with the move. For under $6.00 it might be worth it, anyone play it?
NBT91  +   752d ago
If in doubt, buy shadow of the colossus, SUCH a good game and looks brilliant in 3D if you have that, still great either way though :)
ALLWRONG  +   752d ago

MidNight-Guy  +   751d ago
aDDicteD  +   746d ago
might get shadow of the colossus ,, it's one of the best games on ps2

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