Sly Cooper Sneaks on to Vita, but can He Save It?

Kyle from Vivid Gamer writes:

For PlayStation faithful and nostalgic gamers alike, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time represents a return to form for a brand whose character-driven platformers fueled immense success for its second console. This Fall, Sly Cooper will once again get the chance to define a platform, but the situation is far more dire.

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Abash2195d ago

Im happy about this because more Sly 4 copies sold on both platforms means greater chances of more Sly games in the future!

smashcrashbash2195d ago

What a dumb question. Don't act like this is the only game coming to the VITA.

paybackprahl2195d ago

You must not have read the article... I specifically mention that this is far from the only game coming to Vita in the near future. Shame.

Snookies122195d ago

Lol, it's just the way the title of the article was phrased. XD

brew2195d ago

Not many are going to read your article with a crummy title like that.

Hicken2195d ago

If you can, I'd advise changing the title to "can he HELP save it?"

I personally, am of the opinion that the system needs time, more than anything else, but that'll at least prevent the backlash you're certainly going to get with your current title.

GraveLord2195d ago

The perfect game for Vita IMO. Platformers are very handheld-friendly.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2195d ago

Getting the vita version fersher.

Freshnikes2195d ago

Vita doesn't need saved!!! Lmao it just needs games, games games, and a thing called Facebook, wouldn't hurt!! Looks like a nice game for the vita!!

CaptCalvin2195d ago

It's already got Facebook.

Freshnikes2195d ago

Youtube!!! That's what I meant to say!!

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