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Uncharted Series: Future-Proof via Epic Storytelling

61d ago - With a fourth installment comes increased pressure to create something original, but based on the... | PS4

Top 10 Games You Won’t Regret Buying

120d ago - This time the Editor at NF picked 10 games that you won’t regret buying, ever. Not only in terms... | PC

Uncharted 3 Week-Long Double XP & Halloween Themed Content

174d ago - Uncharted 3 is celebrating Halloween for a whole week starting as of the 22nd with Multiplayer do... | PS3

Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted maximise its potential on PS4

225d ago - OPM: Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrile... | PS4

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

New 12GB PS3 confirmed for Sunday, Best Buy bundling it with two games

243d ago - XMNR: News of a possible new 12GB Playstation 3 for North America hit earlier this week from Enga... | PS3

Nathan Drake Can Jump Off a Cliff

253d ago - The Late Night Gamer: Before I start I want to get one thing out of the way: no I do not hate Unc... | PS3

Games that need PS4′s second screen – from a Drake’s journal app to an MGS 5 open world map & more

254d ago - OPM: With plenty of PS4 games offering up second screen possibilities via Vita, tablets and phone... | PS3

Game Under Podcast Episode 12

290d ago - In this week's episode Tom makes Phil cry in his crushing critique of Uncharted 3: Drake's Decept... | Culture

Game News - Dust 514, and Uncharted 3's multiplayer free-to-play - Blackman 'N Robin

308d ago - If you own a Ps3 but have not bothered checking PSN, or your Ps3 is currently gathering dust beca... | PS3

PlayStation Plus: E3 2013 Sale, Free Machinarium, Uncharted 3, XCOM, More

311d ago - New content and sales for this week’s PlayStation Plus update, which include Machinarium coming f... | PS3

Why You Need To Play The Uncharted Series

377d ago - "I remember when I first got into adventure games. It was after watching Indiana Jones and The Te... | PS3

Uncharted 3 free-to-play multiplayer confirmed, digital GoTY version incoming

415d ago - GE: "Uncharted 3's multiplayer has officially gone free-to-play. Users booting up the game have c... | PS3

Should There Be An Uncharted 4?

425d ago - FruityGamers : New Entry In A Complete Trilogy? Uncharted is a series synonymous with the PS3... | PS3

Levelling Out: Uncharted 3 - Rub 'al Khali Desert

505d ago - "Each day this week our writer Vaughn will be putting up an article about one particular level, p... | PS3

New PS3 Model Out Today, Exclusive First Look

569d ago - Posted by Maya Butler // PR Hardware Generalist, SCEA - The launch of the new PS3 has finally... | PS3

Amazon Finally Listing New PS3 Super Slim Uncharted 3 Bundle For Pre-Order

571d ago - It was only matter of time before this happened, so take this as more of a public service announc... | PS3

Sony Has Announced A New PlayStation 3 Design, But How Necessary Is It?

574d ago - Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 redesign that releases in bundles on September 25th and Octobe... | PS3

The PS3 Collections We’re Likely Going To See This Fall

618d ago - Earlier this morning, Sony announced that a new line of ‘PS3 Collections’ would start to be avail... | PS3

Uncharted 3 The Lab: 5 v 5 Team Death Match - Riot Shields, Arm Micros, and Grenades

631d ago - DualShock Nexus: Before the huge 1.13 patch is deployed on August 14th Naughty Dog decided to upd... | PS3

Good Acting Contributes to Uncharted Series

637d ago - How exactly does acting talent contribute to a realistic video game production like Uncharted? | PS3

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13 to Contain An Exciting New System, New DLC and Gameplay Fixes

638d ago - DualShock Nexus: Naughty Dog has a huge patch in store for Uncharted 3. So huge that all of the d... | PS3

August 28th Could Be An Amazing Day For PS3 Owners

638d ago - With the newly announced release date of August 28th for the Ratchet and Clank Collection, that d... | PS3

BagoCast: Episode 10 - Radical Entertainment Closes While Naughty Dog Prospers!

653d ago - In this weeks Bagocast we discuss what we're playing, the release of Mass Effect 3 extended cut,... | PC

Fanatical Fashion | Vigilante Leather

656d ago - I got the chance to interview the man behind Vigilante Leather, who makes custom leather cuff wat... | Culture

Game Of The Year Editions – Too Much, Too Soon

720d ago - Wyatt Fossett: "I’m not against the GOTY antics at all, in fact I own quite a few GOTY titles bas... | PC
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