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thorstein | 945d ago | User review
Reviewing: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
A Game that is as Wonderful as it Looks (Spoiler Free Review)
Before you read, it must be known that I am a huge JRPG fan and have been for decades (before it was called JRPG and games like this were just referred to as RPGs).

Ni No Kuni is an experience that should not be ignored. If you like RPGs, you will love this. My first reaction to the game, way back when it was teased, was awe. Studio Ghibli and Level 5 means quality. I was reminded of the PS2 gem: Dragon Quest VIII (also of Level 5).

One of the first reviews I read (one of the few negative ones)claimed that there was a problem with the battle system. Rest assured, the battle system is excellent. It is a hybrid of Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and Real Time. Level 5 is able to pull all of this together brilliantly as you are able to move around during combat. You can avoid attacks while your meter fills up so that you may attack, defend, cast spells, use items, call on your familiar, or run away.
I find the run away option useful only if I am in a terrible bind (ie no MP, no food, low HP), and even then you might be able to get healed during battle. Further, the battle system allows you to control your familiar (which is part of your soul) and have them attack through a variety of attacks.
The only annoying thing is that Oliver's Victory animation is ALWAYS the same...

The story starts off well and allows you to familiarize yourself with the controls. Luckily, you can skip parts that seem tedious. Once you enter the "Another World" you are treated to visuals only found in today's top AAA games. And what a stunning world it is! I wished to walk around and engage in combat regularly. The benefit is that you level up quickly at first (and so does your familiar.) Your sidekick/ advisor, Mr. Drippy is a hilarious character. (He calls you "cry baby bunting" then when you shout that your name is "Oliver, Ol-iv-er!" He states, "Guess the cry baby part was right." But with a Scottish accent, hysterical.

The presentation and all that is included will guarantee that I will be coming back to this game again and again. This is certainly one of the best games released within the past 12 months (I can hardly say "this year" as it is only January). While the story isn't as gripping as the Walking Dead, it has moments that bring you into Oliver's World. It is E 10+ so don't expect romantic sexual encounters found in other RPGs of this era, but that is okay with me, sometimes they are not needed.
Battle System
Only One Victory Animation for the Protagonist
Graphics It is Studio Ghibli. And the Graphics are amazing! Smooth animations really make this an enjoyable game.
Sound Composed by Joe Hisaish (known for his work with Studio Ghibli) and performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. It is spot on and rivals that of many Final Fantasy and Zelda Titles.
Gameplay Gameplay is smooth, silky and oh so much fun.
Fun factor I can see myself coming back to this masterpiece again and again.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
Relientk77  +   945d ago
As a JRPG fan, I am loving the game it is completely amazing and really is the full package you look for in a video game.
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Irishguy95  +   945d ago
How is the plot? Good twists etc?
thorstein  +   942d ago
Excellent. The characters are good, with no pulled punches for western audiences. I like the story. Not plot twists so far but I am only on like the 2nd chapter.
coolbeans  +   940d ago
You've posted your review for the game so soon into playing it?
Godchild1020  +   941d ago
Coming from someone that has beaten the game, It would be a spoiler to mention if there was/is a plot twist. Especially if you know what the plot or main goal of the is.

It's worth finding out.
nzk0  +   944d ago
This game has gotten rave reviews, I'm really looking forward to playing it.
sdplisken  +   941d ago
another goty contender for ps3
must buy
byeGollum  +   940d ago
thanks for a spoiler free short review. . I'll give the game a go :)
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Number-Nine  +   940d ago
how was this passed? what a short, uninformative review.
thorstein  +   938d ago
If you look at the top, you can click on "info" and you can see exactly how it was "passed." As you call it. It is a perfectly acceptable review and received no reports. Why would it? Length does not mean quality (see Kotaku or Destructoid for "lengthy reviews that are not high quality.) So, other than short. I don't see a problem. It is spoiler free thus the amount of information must be limited.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   934d ago
Nice review.
I am currently loving this game and like you it reminds me of Dragon Quest VIII and a little bit of Dark Chronicle and even Kingdom Hearts.
My favorite JRPG this gen easily.
Just to add Drippy's accent is Welsh not Scottish :p
It's a big difference trust me.
thorstein  +   933d ago
Ok. To an American it sounds Scottish, but Welsh instead. Where is Wales exactly? ;P
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   933d ago

It's like saying people in California sound like people in New York haha.
thorstein  +   933d ago
I am from New York....lulz!

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