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PlayStation Gamescom Teaser Could Be for God of War IV

55d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Sony recently released a Gamescom teaser that has left people curious. The most p... | PS4

13 Fun Traits, Trends and Tropes In Video Games

72d ago - Trends, tropes and traits are a fun part of our medium that makes games we love even better. Ever... | Culture

Kratos is coming: Here’s why Sony will show God of War PS4 at E3 2014

118d ago - VG247- Will Sony show God of War PS4 at E3 2014? SCE Santa Monica itself seems to be teasing it,... | PS4

Games I Want Announced at E3 2014

136d ago - Play Legit's Mo Chocolate covers all three systems, and gives his thoughts on the games that need... | PS4


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E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

159d ago - Sony is on a roll with the PS4, and you better believe they are going to bring some new games to... | PS3

God of War 4 Named in Sociology Textbook Blaming Video Games for Violence

211d ago - If the dreadful ignorance often showcased by those that advocate the theory that video games dese... | PS4

5 PS4 games we want to see announced in 2014

250d ago - PSU's Mike Harradence writes, ''PlayStation 4 has already gotten off to a stellar start following... | PS4

9 big game franchises that need PS4 – series that’ve run out of tech or ideas on current gen

419d ago - OPM: The next generation is ushering a whole new world of tech, and for some games it’s not a mom... | PS3

Series Like Tomb Raider, God of War and Call of Duty Need to Die

562d ago - "Sequels are like flies, they seem to only show up when you least want them to be around and when... | PC

God of War 4 - What gods we want Kratos to slay in the sequel

566d ago - GamesRadar - Kratos' fury knows no limitations. Even after seven games and eight years, the Ghost... | Culture

Feature: Collecting - God of War

595d ago - Written by Syd Bolton, this feature offers a handy collection checklist of God of War items and b... | PS3

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Preview

650d ago - Praise the Gods (or rather have them trick you into killing your family and swear vengeance on th... | PS3

Games That Need To Stop: God Of War

705d ago - Vgamerz writes: "God Of War has plenty of history to show why it’s still successful today. The fo... | PS3

Is the Single Player Experience Dead or Alive?

749d ago - Last generation's most successful console, the PS2, didn't have built in online capability. Also,... | PS2

5 Things Gamers Secretly Judge Games On

764d ago - As gamers, we have the tendency to be overly-critical of the medium that we love. Despite our add... | Culture

7 games that need PlayStation 4 now

802d ago - While current games are now stretching the PS3′s capabilities like it’s on a rack, there are some... | PS3

God Of War The Movie Is Confirmed But Who Should Play Kratos?

809d ago - Now that the video Game "God of War" has slipped onto the big screen, who should they pick for th... | Culture

God of War 4 multiplayer? God no!

882d ago - So, the newest casualty of the games industry obsession with cramming multiplayer into everything... | PS3

There Should Be No God of War IV

885d ago - "It’s perfectly understandable why Sony would commission another God of War game. Still, I believ... | PS3

R-Cade 4-19-2012

892d ago - Recorded live at www.lagspike.tv every Thursday night at 9pm eastern. | Xbox

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Is God Of War The Greatest Action Franchise In History?

894d ago - Of all the great action franchises in gaming over the years, is it possible that God of War is si... | Culture

What We Want From God of War IV (PlayStationLifeStyle)

894d ago - Nick Michetti writes: After a multitude of possible leaks concerning its development, a new God o... | PS3

God of War 4 Incoming?

894d ago - Sony recently revealed a cryptic teaser image that has set the whole Internet ablaze with rumors... | PS3

Heavenly Sword 2 A Better Option Than GOW IV For Sony’s Announcement

895d ago - Sony's announcement of an announcement has people very excited. OnlySP breaks down a number of di... | PS3

Sony 4/19 Teaser URL Hint, More Confirmation That It's God Of War?

895d ago - Seems that Sony "4/19" teaser may have finally been revealed with the latest information. | PS3
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