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Wii60_FTW  +   3096d ago
3 words
sony is doomed
phizzlepimp  +   3096d ago
"Nintendo Power didn't even gave The Legend of Zelda ..."
Nice grammar, Genius.
Mandangoof  +   3096d ago
I can see Bioshock going up against Ocarina...
but Metroid Prime? That would just be enormous bias. It pales in graphical comparison to other current gen games (obviously), and is even facing the likes of God Of War 2 in the graphics department for last gen.
It does not deserve a perfect score, or better than Bioshock if it can't top its graphics, nor a last gen game's.

Graphics aren't everything, but a perfect game must be perfect everywhere. Nintendo Power gave it 10 because they only review Nintendo games - where this pile is the pinnacle of graphics.
bluegoblin  +   3095d ago
i dont see either game going against ocarina.And bioshock may offer better graphics than metroid but Metroid has better gameplay.i Guess we'll just have to wait and see which one is better, but dont be disrespectful by comparing this games to OCARINA OF TIME!!!
KnowitAll  +   3096d ago
Now, now children..
BioShock - Xbox360 - PC

Its so freakin sick!!! This game is a must. Oh Man the ending!!! Its great bloody game his about to pop a cap on the girl!!( Then the player makes a stupid comment about saving the people and not killing the little girl that made me sick to my stomach)

Metroid Prime - Wii (Skip the 3 first minutes)
It seems more intsense and better fighting. Metroid prime 1 was really long, and this game will be too. Thier was another video showing the hand gestures for the moves which seem pretty cool.

Bioshock wins vs metroid but like most Xbox exclusive games ( Fable) I can get them on the pc. So I woun't buy a xbox for this when i can get it for a pc
Nintendo exclusives are only nintendo exclusives.
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