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Great, this is f***ed up to say the least. Can't wait for Xboners to spin this as "great value" as well. I lost 2 bubbles for calling this service crap but I don't care, it's nothing else than that and I pity the people supporting and falling for it. Gaming has reached a new low the day this scam was announced.

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I don't see much value in EA Access because it's limited to EA games, they might be the biggest publisher but they certainly don't have the best games. I think Sony made the right call to keep this stuff away from their platforms, imagine every publisher starting this kind of subscription... I wouldn't be interested in any of them because they all can offer only their own games and every publisher publishes only like 1-2 really quality games per year while Sony can offer every...

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Tidux strikes again, I could've made that prediction as well. Hell I bet we'll see even 2 new IP's, don't forget how much stuff Sony trademarked in the last few months and we still haven't heard much about most of it.

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It might turn into Bloodporn.

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lol same here, Demon's Souls is my favourite RPG of all time so Bloodborne is more like Bloodporn to me. I'm actually expecting that my expectations will be exceeded by From Software tomorrow =)
Remember that it's their first official gameplay trailer, the leaked trailer was from a very early version of the game.

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Well it looks good nonetheless, damn... another good game for the holiday season. I be like

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Best news of the day but that picture shouldn't be opened at work :D
I would be happy to see only 5 minutes of pure gameplay, I don't want to see too much of it.

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I'm not getting it at all, played it on Wii a few years ago. Not worth double dipping.

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Photo Mode is always appreciated as long as it doesn't impede the gameplay, I'll support it.

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It will be livestreamed, it's in about 35 hours from now.

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^Same here, i want that sexy PS4. Might offload my black one to a friend jusT to get the white one, it would look soo cool in my room :D

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- Someone who does not own one or any of these consoles has a reason to disagree
- Someone who's not enjoying his consoles has a reason to disagree
- Someone who's not "partying" has a reason to disagree
- Even someone who's not sitting has a reason to disagree with the statement

Of course it's idiotic but that's just how it is and how these disagrees came together.

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There are quite a few good games coming out this year but I feel like Destiny is going to surprise many. Do you really think the full game will be like the Beta, just longer? I for one can't wait to level up to 20+, customize my character and play the endgame content. I'm expecting at least 50 hours of fun from Destiny and I can imagine it offering even more.

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You do get the concept of agreeing and disagreeing with something, do you? There's enough room to disagree with his statement for various reasons, it's not like anyone was calling him out on it.

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Hopes? Bloodborne gameplay, announcements from Media Molecule and Guerilla Games

Fears? Bad camera man, TV talk

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Well that's not going to happen in Phantom Pain though. If we'll ever get a Metal Gear remake I'm almost sure that Hayter will voice Solid Snake again.

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So you think a then-12 year old Snake will be voiced by David Hayter? Even if young Snake shows up somehow, I'm almost sure he's being voiced by someone more appropriate.

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Hopefully something that covers the whole console and not just half of it.

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Yep even the better draw distance has a big effect on gameplay, now that it's working I fell in love with the multiplayer again :D
I hope they'll develop such an unique online mode for Uncharted 4 as well, Factions is crazy addicting.

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You're right, the best bets are probably Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest. I would certainly welcome both on PS4.

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