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Nice way to say you're not going to buy an Xbox at all

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Was going to click on the link but it's pretty fun finding the code clues that's always right around each safe

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What’s after reimagining?

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GameStop has the same one but 5tb for $150. 2tb is $100

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Discord needs to be on all consoles already

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The tweet was deleted
Edit: Completely missed the description which had all the info already lol

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This game is a F2P monster hunter with crossplay

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Exodus works on Kodi on Xbox 😊

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That's messed up man I just bought a switch

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Thats pretty much how it is in real life unless you play organized basketball. You either shoot 3s or dunk/lay it up. No in between lol

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He lost then beat the guy that beat him

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Apple really needs to make a salt emoji already.. Get over it either you get the pro/Scorpio or you don't. Ya acting like you have some type of share in any of this.

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The og xbox is my all time favorite. I still haven't had a moment equivalent or better than playing halo for first time on day 1

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Rappers have been doing this for years (which is dope when they do it right) can anyone tell me where they got this sample from?

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I have the game but only played it a hand full of times since release.. Is it worth getting back in to it?

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Kinect is pretty much pointless now unless you use the camera for streaming or something like that.. With the new Xbox update coming out you will be able to use voice commands with your headset

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It's in the preview program (early access) for the xbox one

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10 hours may not sound like much but it's enough to help you make your decision... I still haven't used my 10 hours on battlefront and I played a good amount of matches

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Rocket league is 10/10 when you're playing with friends. It was hyped because it's a really good game especially for $20 (free for a month on psn). You really can't beat that

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