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The side quests are amazing ( the main ones). Really one of the best games i have played this gen.

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I am only getting ps5, but this game is gonna be great. The first one was amazing.

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It wont download here... don't know why. Tried accessing thru library....

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I will see for my self. I feel like alot of the leaks is missing context, we will just habe to wait and see how it turns out.

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Im betting march 3rd

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Depends, if they have something new to the genre then yes. And based on what i have read it sounds promising with 200 players, huge map and specific objectives.

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Gamer is actually a very trusted site in Norway but in this case i disagree.

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Well said. I think scale will be a very big focus in mp. For example modes like battle royale could have 3x+ the amount of players.

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I cann tell you why: microsoft have bought techland. The game will still come out on ps5 like outer worlds.

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Gdc 2020 probably, it's in march? And in san fransisco where many of the sony bosses were spotted?

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At neogaf, some are saying 11 tf, some 10, some even 8 ( not likely). Im betting 11

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I will get ps5 even if xbox is more powerfull. Reason? I have 162 games on ps4 and way more invested in their ecosystem that getting anything else is not possible. It's either ps5 only or both for me. Personally i hope ps5 is a beast. But the price is around 450-500. I could afford 600, but that would be the absolut maximum i can pay and then it must also be boundled with a game.

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The main issue i have the game when playing with randoms are in the objective based modes. Usually im the only one going for the flgs while the rest are only focusing on kills. I mean ffs if you only want kills, go play kill confirmed og tdm...

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Who cares? We got amazing games from many developers, games like dmc5, bloodborne, sekiro, star wars, spiderman, death stranding, uncharted, forza, grand turismo, horizon zero dawn, red dead redemption 2, life is strange, god of war, titanfall 2, resident evil 2 remake and soon re3 remake. In my opinion there is no victor. The ones who are victorious are us the gamers.

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I dont think thats wise. Why would they bother to release two xboxes then if you can upgrade this one?

Also this is from reddit:

the reason consoles can punch above their weight in relation to their specs, is that all the models are the same or nearly so. a developer can really optimize to get every bit of performance because they know exactly what hardware the consumer is using.

Not only that, but the hardware is often highly customise...

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What is happening!?! So many games releasing in the first half of the year. Dreams, dying light 2, last of us 2, cyberpunk, final fantasy 7 remake and rumours are saying ghostnof tsushima in february! And all of the are most likely must buy day one games...

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Eh tomb raider says hi. It's easy to judge sony on their flaws, but microsoft started this shit with dlc exclusives (cod), and then mass effect and lastly tomb raider. I agree that this is bad for gamers but the coin has two sides.

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God luck with managing the heat. It looks great but how will it cool down? It's elegant sure. But the console needs to let out the heat, especially with the power it would produce. Imagine the fan noise when playing a game that uses almost all the power and is a huge open world game. Or a massive mp game. Thats why the V prototype should be how it looks, but add adjustments and make it look nicer in that v shape.

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I like t v design because while it don't look as elegant as the other ps consoles it will be a much better choise when it comes to cooling down the system while playing. Sony will probably give us something similar but in a more elegant package :).

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The game is great from beginning to end. My main issue here is after you complete it, its just nothing to do.

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