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while IGN implied it's to easy and gives the player the edge... go figure

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How did you get that title sir?

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Experienced programmers get upwards of 200k a years that's 16K a month,
An experienced voice actor should get the same let's say? who said a voice actor does a job for 2 weeks? reading the script and preparations alone would be 2 weeks, they have to make themselves available for the job and at the convenience of the director often not taken any other gig while they are working on voice acting for a specific lengthy project.
In all cases different jobs have differen...

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Fun car crash ? Wtf is that analogy ?? Since is a car crash fun!!

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still way better than the approach for upgrading sipderman which was non existant

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that is not a sony decision, if publishers were to be encouraged to make ps5 patches it would be to ship more and increase sales and tap into a new audience/ encourage ps5 owners to buy the game ... the ps4 audience is already established for many of these games and sales have winded down.

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i had just woken up when i wrote that :P not sure i made it easier so here's a second attempt.

#Year#.#Day#-#Month#.#MajorVe rsion#.#MinorVersion#.#HotFixV e rsion#
PS. i just found a bug in N4g ... spaces in the word version above not matter what i do!

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Last 2 digits are fot hot fixes ... second 2 are for minor versions .. third 2 are for major versions ( i think) ... the rest are basically a date probably when it got internally released

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Combat seems to flow better ... though ennemies are way less agressive

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Why ia it diffrent thab amiibos in breath of the wild giving weapons food and epona ? Its conveniences that are not in the game by design ... more like cheat codes

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Emulating doesnt mean its free... if u dont own the game you should not be emulating it

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Emulation is basically what the name implies yould be emulating a diffrent hardware on your computer ... making the nin native software (rom) think it was running on a diffrent (emulated )hardware ... not exactly an opinion there is a definition for it

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This is not emulation though this is natively compiled

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blown away indeed!

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it's probably just the equivalent of performance drivers updates that Nvidia releases to get optimized performance for upcoming major releases.

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doubt it's a free addition it's probably an add on

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Bet there was tons of sales by people hoping to keep certain games in their collection that contriubuted in this decision

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Its extra weird especially how much they are pushing digital sales with a digital only console... i wish the community was mature enough to boycut the ps store for a while as a response to sony shutting down those stores ... i bet that would reverse sony's decision.

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You aew entitled to your opinion but i disagree

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