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Oblivion with mods can be pretty good, but naked, it had too many problems. My main gripe with it was the player-level based loot and monsters. How many times have I explored a dungeon to only find a generic random item at the end? How many ogres have i slain?
And don't get me started about the portals...after the third, it became TEDIOUS.

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@Feckles: have you tried Amnesia: The dark descent? It has NO weapons. All you can do is run from enemies. Also, it's pretty scary, and set in an abandoned german castle a few hundred years ago.

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It WILL happen, because GFWL will continue to fail.

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The hairfoot-head at the end was certainly crazy, yes. Japanese-style crazy.

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I never knew headshots came in different qualities. But I also play with imprecise mouse and keyboard, and have never experienced the precision, accuracy, and speed of a gamepad controller, so it should be clear why I have to be content with regular headshots...

With sarcasm off: Can you also jump down some stairs, turn around in midflight and shoot your pursuer in the head, switch weapons, land at the bottom of the stairs and blast another guy away who was coming at you from...

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There is no soul in real eyes, as well, because souls do not exist. The quality of eyes lies in the very peculiar reflective quality and the focus.

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".. not quite sure what you're saying dirthurts. You have your PC hooked up to a 52inch lcd or something?"

Size matters, or what? You know that a 24" Monitor 2 feet away from your eyes provides a larger relative screen area than a 50" TV 8 feet away, right? Also, since it's a dedicated monitor, it usually has a much better panel, so black levels, color accuracy and most important of all for games: latency values are much better than on regular LCD ...

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You do know that videogame consoles are technical products and do not incorporate some kind of mystical power that can be added to by its manufacturer? You are right that games on consoles look better and better despite the hardware getting any better, but this has more to do with developers learning new tricks over time. There IS a limit to those tricks, and you will never see something like Crysis on max settings on any current gen console.
Single selective screenshots may look as g...

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Let's wait on the 69XX cards. Also, you probably won't be able to get either until next year. Demand will be high.

BTW: What do you mean with "fall behind the might of nVidia"? They have always had the smaller market share, currently around 33%, while nVidia has 60%. I am talking about gaming gpus, here, not gpus in general, btw.

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If they start now, it will come out in ~ 10 years.

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You are not alone, but still aloner than those who would buy it anyway. They are dumb. They must have it, because all the cool kids have it. The price doesn't matter for them.

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You know what is silly? Flushing a cheeseburger down with diet coke. Or burning jungle so that vain old women can put some cream on their wrinkled faces.

This is not silly. It's clearly a plothole, that has been fixed with this mod.

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Three halves don't add up to 1.

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That's how every business works. You get it running by selling to a hardcore crowd that is really passionate about your products, use them as marketing mules, and as soon as the mainstream crowd starts to notice your stuff, you focus on them. You might lose all of the initial buyers, but you will sell much more.

It works, because the mainstream crowd doesn't actually want good stuff, they just want shiny new shit.

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It will get there, dude. It still is in alpha mode, and once the current features work in MP, Notch will get back to add content to SP.

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What do you mean, no Mac Version? It's a java application...

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More than current 6800 series, but much less than nVidia 580.

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The study actually doesn't mention computer games as harmful, it just says that during the age 15-20, the brain develops reason and responsibility, and if you miss that phase by only watching tv or playing games, you can never catch up.

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nVidia never had a 5800 "series". They had one card with that number, the FX 5800.

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You went from a 285 to a 5850? Why would you do that?

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